Dubai – XCAD Network, a leading Watch2Earn tokenisation platform for YouTubers, today unveiled the highly anticipated addition to its innovative creator token ecosystem, $DON, in collaboration with Donato Muñoz (TheDonato), a popular YouTube star with 40M+ subscribers and 7B views recognised for exciting content about video games. The new creator token was listed on and MEXC at 07:00 am UTC on Wednesday, 8th May 2024.

Strategically positioned to capitalise on the evolving creator economy, the new $DON token, tailored for TheDonato’s fanbase, presents an array of exclusive benefits and opportunities for fans to engage with their favourite YouTubers. 

Among the perks offered, fans receive product rewards, participation in exclusive raffles, as well as a voice in the pivotal decisions shaping TheDonato’s content creation journey. Benefits include featuring in TheDonato videos, receiving signed memorabilia, and meet-and-greet sessions, all of which deepen the connection between the creator and fans through the new creator token. This level of access to a creator has never been seen before, and will be achieved exclusively through creator tokens. 

Oliver Bell, CEO and Co-Founder of XCAD Network, expressed his excitement about the new creator token launch: "At XCAD, our dedication lies in empowering creators and their devoted fan base. The introduction of TheDonato creator token revolutionises the landscape of the creator economy and fan loyalty through blockchain technology, effectively bridging the gap between creativity and financial empowerment. With $DON, we are providing more than just rewards; we are creating a platform for fans to actively engage and influence the content they love."

Donato Muñoz (TheDonato) added: “I am thrilled to partner with XCAD Network to launch the $DON token, marking a major milestone not only for me but also for all my fans across the globe. This is not just about a new form of monetisation - it is about creating a stronger, more interactive community. With this token, we are breaking new ground together, giving my fans unprecedented ways to engage with my content to play a significant role in our shared journey. I look forward to how our interaction evolves with this innovative step forward.” 

With a total supply of 1 billion $DON tokens, the newly launched creator token will be divided whereby 30% is dedicated for incentives, 20% for pre-sale, 30% for MM-Exchange-LP, 10% for contributors and 10% for marketing.

The $DON token empowers fans to transcend the traditional boundaries of fan-creator interactions, fostering a dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship. Through this tokenised ecosystem, fans are not only rewarded for their unwavering support but are also empowered to actively shape the future of TheDonato's content landscape.

XCAD Network’s new creator token marks another step in its roadmap to empower the creator economy, providing creators with the opportunity to monetise their content and fans a voice to contribute to the future of their creator’s journey with rewards for their loyalty.

About XCAD Network

XCAD Network is a pioneer in the Watch2Earn revolution, bridging the gap between creators and fans through its tokenisation ecosystem. Having onboarded creators with over 500 million combined subscribers, XCAD empowers creators by launching their own tokens and provides rewards for fan loyalty in addition to a role in decision-making via Creator Token holding. 

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