• Wadie Bouchiha: we were keen on providing the female candidates applying for the “train driver” vacancy training and tests with the highest level of professionalism

RATP Dev Mobility Cairo celebrated the graduation of the first batch of female drivers who are highly trained to operate Cairo Metro Green Line 3 according to international standards, where Wadie Bouchiha, the Chief Executive Officer of RATP Dev mobility Cairo, awarded the graduates. The training was held in accordance with the Ministry of Transportation and under the supervision of The National Authority for Tunnels.

Dr. /Essam Wali, Chairman of the National Authority for Tunnels, explained that training female drivers would contribute to adding active Egyptian cadres to one of the most vital national projects that aim to facilitate the lives of citizens and contribute in providing job opportunities for the youth. Moreover, Dr. Wali explained how the collaboration with the company supports NAT’s goals and the vision of the ministry of transport towards the development and provision of transport services with international standards. This could be attained through transferring RATP’s global knowledge to the local market via highly qualified cadres who operate and manage Cairo Metro Green Line 3 and more than 90% of whom are Egyptian promising youth.

From his side, Wadie Bouchiha, CEO of RATP Dev mobility Cairo, mentioned that the female candidates applying for the train driver vacancy underwent training and tests with the highest level of transparency and professionalism, to estimate their ability to drive the metro train and control it. This step is considered a historical precedent that Egypt witnessed for the first time. He added that the company is working on developing Cairo Metro Lines’ operating system and raising the level of maintenance. Moreover, the company is looking forward to adding more technological privileges inside the metro stations to offer premium services to the passengers, as well as transferring those experiences to the Egyptian cadres operating the metro.

The special training for ‘train drivers’ position is based on dealing with different train technology, in which they are trained on how to deal with the different scenarios the driver may encounter while driving the train. The female trainees run a practical test, where each metro line has a different simulator to train the female drivers who will work on its trains. RATP Dev mobility Cairo selects the qualified candidates by a specialized committee according to specific requirements and criteria to ensure the safety and quality level due to the sensitivity of the nature of the job as it is directly connected to the lives of Egyptians and the safety of passengers. The candidates were chosen with the highest level of professionalism, which was reflected in the result as only 2 females were accepted out of the three candidates, namely Hend Omar Mahmoud and Suzan Mohamed Ahmed Samy.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of last year, RATP Dev mobility Cairo celebrated the graduation of the first batch of drivers with the attendance of Dr. Eng/Essam Wali, Chairman of the National Authority for Tunnels, and Wadie Bouchiha, CEO of RATP Dev mobility Cairo. The number of drivers working currently in the company reached 78 male and female drivers, moreover, the company is working on graduating new batches of drivers who will be trained and hired during the coming period.


About RATP Dev Mobility Cairo (RDMC)

RATP Dev Mobility Cairo (RDMC) is the local subsidiary of RATP Dev, the leading French company that specialized in the operation and maintenance of transportation systems worldwide. RATP Dev Mobility Cairo (RDMC) launched its operations in Egypt in 2020 after being awarded the operation and maintenance contract of Cairo Metro Line 3, under the theme of ‘Green Line 3’, for 15 years, and El-Salam – New administrative capital Light Rail Train (LRT) for the upcoming 20 years. In line with RATP Dev’s international standards, the company will provide the population of Cairo with state-of-the-art metro services that are distinguished in cities around the world in terms of higher punctuality, customer service practices, and strong asset maintenance capabilities.