• PureHealth reaffirms its commitment to supporting the objectives of Operation 300bn as well as national efforts to build a world-leading healthcare system.

Abu Dhabi-UAE:— PureHealth, the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East, has recorded AED 1 billion on local procurement to support the National ICV Programme since the first quarter of 2023. The programme is one of the cornerstones of the UAE’s national industrial strategy, which aims to raise the industrial sector’s contribution to the GDP to reach AED 300 billion by 2031.

PureHealth unveiled its progress towards its AED 13 billion target in local procurement by 2032 during the Make it in the Emirates Forum, being held at the Abu Dhabi Energy Centre on 27-28 May. The milestone confirms that PureHealth is on track to achieving its target and highlights its central role in driving the UAE’s economic diversity. Aligned with the nation’s vision for an economically self-sufficient and health secure future, PureHealth is shaping a resilient and sustainable healthcare environment.

PureHealth remains a major national player and contributor to the UAE’s economic and social development, providing offtakes to support local healthcare manufacturing capabilities while creating local employment opportunities and delivering world-class health services. Following an agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) to join the National ICV Programme in 2022, PureHealth has made significant strides. Initially committing AED 10 billion to local procurement by 2032, the group, in 2023 increased this commitment by 30 percent to AED 13 billion. In addition, PureHealth has effectively implemented ICV strategies across its operations, extending this effort in 2023 to include its subsidiaries, such as Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), Rafed and Daman, thereby strengthening its ICV framework efforts.

In August 2023, SEHA achieved an ICV score of 79.1 percent, the highest among UAE healthcare companies, demonstrating PureHealth's leadership in the sector. Daman, another PureHealth entity, also attained an impressive ICV score of 71.83 percent, giving it a competitive edge in the government procurement process. These results underscore PureHealth's dedication to enhancing the industrial sector through strategic investments and partnerships with UAE-based suppliers.

His Excellency Omar Al Suwaidi, Undersecretary of MoIAT said: " The Ministry is proceeding, in light of the directives of the wise leadership and the strategic vision of the UAE, to promote the ICV Programme as part of the “Projects of the 50” of the UAE. This initiative plays a vital role in enhancing and empowering the growth and competitiveness of the industrial and advanced technology sectors, and supporting investors in the country, in line with the Ministry’s objectives to create an attractive environment for both local and international investment."

H.E. Omar added: “The ICV Programme has witnessed significant growth in terms of size and impact since its launch, redirecting AED 67 billion into the national economy in 2023. Purchasing opportunities were also expanded to include 1,400 products, and the total value of announced purchase agreements reached AED 120 billion. The third edition of the ‘Make in the Emirates Forum,’ held on May 27 and 28, saw further announcements and new purchasing opportunities. By directing additional resources from the government and private sector to the national economy, the ICV programme stimulates economic growth, thus enhancing investment attractiveness in the industrial sector, especially in priority industries such as health care.”

Shaista Asif, Group CEO of PureHealth, said: “As the country’s most prominent healthcare group and one of the UAE’s largest national enterprises, PureHealth is proud to be a leading participant in the Make it in the Emirates Forum. This year, we are building on the previous two events by announcing strong progress on our target to spend AED 13 billion with local suppliers over the next decade. This commitment to local value chains marks a significant expansion in our support for UAE-based manufacturers and signals our integral role not only in national health security, but also in driving industrial and economic growth. PureHealth is a committed member of the National ICV Programme in line with our support for the objectives of Operation 300bn as well as the UAE’s efforts to create a world-leading healthcare system. We remain laser-focused on elevating the UAE’s healthcare sector, supporting local manufacturing and jobs, and future-proofing our systems in line with the goals of our nation’s leadership.”

PureHealth is committed to maintaining its ICV certification process across all assets, with ongoing reporting and collaboration with MoIAT to explore potential offtake opportunities. The company is dedicated to obtaining ICV certifications for all PureHealth assets and implementing the programme across its entire operations. Furthermore, PureHealth will oversee the integration of ICV as a vendor registration prerequisite, ensuring that its procurement practices consistently contribute to local economic development.

Organised by MoIAT, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) and ADNOC under the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology, the Make it in the Emirates Forum aims to showcase enablers and investment opportunities across the UAE’s industrial sector, supporting the growth of UAE’s industries and enhancing its competitiveness.


About PureHealth

By advancing the Science of Longevity, PureHealth is introducing the healthcare of the future from the United Arab Emirates to the rest of the world. PureHealth is the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East with an ecosystem that challenges lifespans and reimagines health spans. With 100+ hospitals, 300+ clinics, multiple diagnostic centres, health insurance solutions, pharmacies, health tech, procurement, investments and more, its groundbreaking innovations are at the forefront of healthcare as the company is on a mission to unlock time for humankind.

Pure Health’s network comprises: 

  • SEHA (Abu Dhabi Health Services Company) – One of the largest healthcare networks of hospitals and clinics in the UAE
  • Daman (The National Health Insurance Company) – The UAE’s leading health insurer
  • The Medical Office – Overseeing Sheikh Khalifa Hospitals and healthcare facilities established under the initiatives of H.H. The President of the UAE
  • Rafed – The UAE’s largest healthcare Group Purchasing Organisation
  • PureLab – Managing and operating the largest network of laboratories in the region 
  • Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center – Specialist healthcare centre focused on cell therapy and regenerative medicine
  • One Health – Sales, service support, and engineering network that provides end-to-end medical solutions to a base of over 300 healthcare service providers
  • The Life Corner – Abu Dhabi’s first holistic pharmacy, serving the health and wellness establishment
  • Ardent Health Services – The fourth largest privately held acute care hospital operator in the US
  • Circle Health Group The largest independent operators of hospitals in the UK

To learn more, please visit www.purehealth.ae