• Mohamed Allam: “Supporting athletes corresponds well with our corporate vision by supporting inspiring and exemplary young athletes”
  • Youssef Ramadan is one of the youngest, most achieving Egyptian athletes

Cairo – In line with its brand promise “From our Family to Yours”, which transcends developing integrated communities to embracing and supporting inspiring talents, Hassan Allam Properties, the leading real-estate developer, announces sponsoring Youssef Ramadan, one of Egypt’s rising swimming athletes, who is set to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

With Egypt’s long list of promising athletes, the choice of Ramadan was far from just another sponsorship, but rather for the values he embodies, which fall perfectly in line with the ones adopted by Hassan Allam properties in its mission to be the go-to developer for communities – going beyond mere brick and mortar and expanding to nurturing talents, building human capital, and healthy communities for its clients and partners.

“The choice to support Youssef stems from our pride in his success, commitment, discipline and achievements which he worked so hard to attain,” said Mohamed Allam, CEO of Hassan Allam Properties. “For someone his age, this required a lot of sacrifice from Youssef, but it has paid off well as he’s now one of the most accomplished young Egyptian athletes of his time in swimming globally.”

“From Our Family to Yours’ is a brand promise that we live by, reflecting our full-encompassing vision of supporting rising young talents across different fields, including sports, and being a solid supporter for them in pursuing their passion,” added Allam.

It is worthy to note that Ramadan (20 years old), who’s currently a student at Virginia Tech, made it to the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 in the 100-meter fly competition, an unprecedented achievement for his nationals, and has earned the 4th spot in the 100-meter fly at the world short course swimming championships in Abou Dhabi. He has also received the bronze medal in the 100-meter fly at NCAA 2022. Ramadan is also an African record holder in the short course 4x50 meter medley relay and 4x100 meter medley relay, where he swam using the butterfly method on both relays.

As a leading real estate developer in Egypt, Hassan Allam Properties strives to stay true to its commitment of improving all aspects of living in its urban communities by investing in fully developed lifestyle visions to build healthy communities rife with entertainment and sports amenities and facilities. It is considered a pioneer in the Egyptian market and has successfully carved a prestigious position for itself as a unique and innovative real estate developer.

With a legacy that exceeds 80 years of success, Hassan Allam Group is a family-owned business that has been under the leadership of three consecutive family generations, eventually giving birth to Hassan Allam Properties on the hands of one of its third-generation leaders in the 1990s, striving to perfect the balance between luxury and hospitality, going beyond merely constructing buildings and homes.

Hassan Allam Group takes pride in being driven by a vision that puts community and individual needs first, offering a diverse collection of urban communities and touristic destinations that fulfill the demand of Egyptian families looking for superb living experiences and exclusive, charming getaways.

Hassan Allam Properties offers its industry-leading services across 10 well integrated developments crowned by SwanLake Residences New Cairo – SwanLake West and Haptown Mostakbal City. HAP’s project portfolio includes over 15,000 residential units between developed and underdeveloped ones, partnering to that end with leading local and international players in the field of developing and designing exquisite real estate products. These efforts have positioned Hassan Allam Properties as a go-to developer not only in Egypt, but also across the region, as it continues to commit to transforming landscapes into dream-like displays, simultaneously ensuring the highest quality levels in the industry.


About Hassan Allam Properties

Hassan Allam Properties is a leading real-estate development in Egypt marketplace. Since its inception in the 1990’s, Hassan Allam Properties [HAP] has carved an enviable niche for itself as an exclusive boutique developer.

Originating as a trusted family-run business passed down through three generations, HAP draws on 80 years of development expertise to master the equation of private luxury and inviting hospitality going beyond just building homes.

Driven by a community-centric vision and a passion for individuality, the company boasts a wide diversified portfolio of first-class residential communities and vacation homes catering to families in search of exclusive experiences and private seaside getaways throughout prime locations in Egypt.

Today, HAP prides itself as a leading real-estate developer with nation-wide foot-print of 10 integrated developments and almost 15k units inclusive of developed and underdeveloped homes in partnership with leading local and global names in the industry to transcend local boundaries, bringing its unique success formula to the region by transforming infinite landscapes into dream-like realities where families come together and homes come to life, while delivering the highest of standards that it's known for.