Dubai, United Arab Emirates: – We are happy to announce the launch of Five FS (Five Financial Services) on the UAE and KSA markets starting today.

Five FS enables users to access better rates for the 5 essential financial services (loan, mortgage, deposit, insurance & leasing) by putting the regional financial institutions in a direct competition for each request via our proprietary bidding process. We all know that it is almost impossible for someone to request a personalized offer from all the financial institutions, and especially to successfully negotiate a better rate. Well, we're changing that!

Whenever someone needs one of the 5 financial services, they can simply register an account on, and add a request. Within a timeframe of 24h or 48h (depending on the service), our matching partner financial institutions will compete in a bidding process to ensure that our users receive the best rate possible. The users have the possibility to choose whatever offer they like the most. And it’s free.

We have also developed a feature for businesses, called Embedded Five, which enables them to easily embed our solutions into their offering to enable their customers to access better rates for the 5 financial services. Our partners include merchants (eCommerce & physical stores), services providers, real estate & automotive businesses, plus many other categories. The implementation on the business side can be done very fast within 1 minute, and very simple by adding our customizable digital button or QR code. Another advantage for the businesses is that they can earn a commission for each financial service that is completed by their users via our platform.

Five FS is currently available on the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia markets, and we will continue to extend our solutions within the region over the following period with the goal of becoming the global To-Go place for users to access better rates for financial services.

Bogdan Atanasiu, Founder & CEO of Five FS: “Considering the current and upcoming economic situation, Five FS comes as a response to people’s need for more affordable financial services, whether we talk about accessing a loan, mortgage, insurance or even leasing. We have launched a unique solution, initially, available in UAE and KSA, which puts the regional financial institutions at the same table to enable our individual users to actually get a better rate for their desired financial service. The advantage for users is obvious – better rates and the possibility to access them fast & simple -, but there is also a benefit for our partner financial institutions for whom Five FS works as a customer acquisition channel.

We also have advantages for businesses with our Embedded Five feature, because they can have an additional revenue source by earning commissions for each of their customers that access a financial service through Five FS, and on top of that, our solutions can help them to successfully complete a transaction in the case of, for example, merchants, real estate agents or car dealerships, by including the possibility of accessing better rates for financing and leasing options into their offering.”


For press inquiries, please contact: Mr. Robert Krause, Chief Operating Officer at Five FS –