Industry experts in the UAE are urging residents embarking on the sacred journey to Saudi Arabia to register on the Nusuk app, which facilitates appointments for Umrah rituals and prayers at the Riyazul Jannah.

On the website of Saudi Arabia's immigration and e-visa portal, it mentions that the “Nusuk app is essential for obtaining an Umrah permit.”

“It serves the purpose of requesting an Umrah permit, scheduling an appointment for Umrah, and accessing details about both Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages. The app provides access to the necessary services and information needed throughout the Umrah pilgrimage,” the portal mentions.

Industry experts said that the Nusuk app allows pilgrims to schedule appointments for rituals.

“Taking appointments of Nusuk App is required to make tawaf at the holy site of Makkah. However, the guards at the site may not regularly check for the appointment, but its recommended to take appointments on the app. If its crowded, the security guards may request to show the appointment,” said Shihab Parwad, Rehan Al Jazeera Tourism.

Despite this, experts recommend securing appointments prior to departure from the UAE to ensure a seamless experience upon arrival.

Experts also noted that for pilgrims seeking to engage in prayers at Riyazul Jannah, obtaining an appointment is mandatory, which enhances ease in the pilgrimage process.

“To offer prayers at Riyazul Jannah, an appointment is mandatory,” said Qaiser Mehmood, Manager, Asaa Tourism.

In addition to the app, experts shed light on transportation options, noting that Harmain Express is the easiest way to get between Makkah, Madina, and Jeddah, with Jeddah being a central hub. “Taking the Harmain Express is recommended for the pilgrims as it reduces the journey time from 6 hours by road to a mere two hours,” said Parwad.

One important factor to be considered while booking an air ticket to Saudi Arabia is to check the flights that allow passengers with only Umrah visas.

“Many flights are scheduled from Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. However, some flights allow passengers with only Umrah visa,” said Qaiser.

“People holding multiple-entry visas for Saudi Arabia are not allowed to travel on these dedicated Umrah flights,” added Qaiser.

“It is best to get in touch with your travel agents to book a flight for the pilgrimage,” said Parwad.

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