The year’s longest break is less than a month away. The holiday to mark Islamic festival Eid Al Adha falls just before the two-month summer break in the UAE. This translates into more vacation options for residents.

The only question that remains to be answered is whether it will be a five- or six-day weekend. The duration will depend on the sighting of the Moon, which determines the start and end of Islamic Hijri calendar months.

Likely dates of break

The official holiday to mark the festival is from Dhul Hijjah 9 to 12 as per the Islamic calendar. Though the corresponding dates in the Gregorian calendar can only be determined based on when the Moon is sighted, astronomical calculations suggest the break is likely to be from Tuesday, June 27, to Friday, June 30. Add the Saturday-Sunday weekend and it becomes a six-day break.

There is a chance that Dhul Hijjah 9 falls on Wednesday, June 28. If this happens, the break will be for five days, including the weekend.

When will you know for sure?

The Islamic festival is marked in the 12th and last month of the Hijri calendar — Dhul Hijjah. Currently, we are in the 11th month — Dhul Qaidah. Today (June 1) is Dhul Qaidah 12.

Muslims look for the crescent Moon on the 29th of each month.

Dhul Qaidah 29 is on June 18. If spotted on the night, Dhul Hijjah starts on June 19 and the break is from June 27. This translates into a six-day break.

If the Moon is not spotted on June 18, Dhul Hijjah starts on June 20 and the break is from June 28. This results in a five-day weekend.

In short, you will come to know whether it’s a five- or six-day weekend on Dhul Qaidah 29, which is June 18.

Demand for travel

Many residents are planning to go on a vacation during the Eid break. Special flight deals to nearby countries are being advertised for as little as Dh2,450 return.

Full holiday packages start from Dh2,600.

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