Dubai ranks third in the list of prime winter destinations, according to a recent study. The city offers delightful winter weather, averaging a comfortable 24.6℃. This season presents the perfect opportunity to indulge in all of Dubai's diverse attractions and experiences. Additionally, Dubai provides exceptional customer service and received high accolades for its hotels and attractions, as confirmed by Travelbag, a prominent specialist in long-haul travel.

According to the study, Dubai is one of the best destinations for winter sun this year, analysing destinations worldwide based on a range of metrics such as average temperatures and rainfall to reveal where people can boost their serotonin as the days get colder. The study also ranked Dubai as the sixth city globally with the most sunshine hours per day during the winter season, earning an impressive score of 8.75.

In Dubai, tourists can experience the thrill of kitesurfing or jet-skiing along many beaches, take in the breathtaking views from the iconic Burj Khalifa, or venture into the desert for an exhilarating dune bashing or a buggy ride.

The study ranked Santiago, Chile, as the best destination for winter sun, with an average temperature of 19.1℃ and 9.25 hours of sunshine per day. Cape Town was listed in second position for a sunny winter getaway.

Returning visitors

Polish national Chingiz Bunyatzade is in love with Dubai and eagerly awaits his next visit in December. His first experience in August left him yearning for more of the emirate's charm, prompting his decision to extend his stay during his upcoming trip. Chingiz's story is a testament to the magnetic pull Dubai holds for many tourists, who frequently feel compelled to return and discover even more of the city's captivating offerings. "Last time, I couldn't visit much. But this visit, I will be staying for a longer period," said Chingiz.

Chingiz pointed out that Dubai introduces new attractions and experiences year after year. "Regardless of when people visit, they can always expect something new and exciting to explore. This ensures that Dubai remains a dynamic and ever-evolving destination for us," said Chingiz.

Perfect weather

Orkan Rahimli, who stays in JVC and works at a restaurant in Dubai Marina, is expecting a few friends from Russia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine, who have chosen to visit Dubai during the winter months due to the city's perfect weather. "They believe that Dubai is the ideal and peaceful destination. The winter back in their home countries is harsh, with heavy snowfall. Dubai, on the other hand, becomes an attractive destination during this season as it boasts pleasant temperatures and many activities and attractions to explore," said Rahimli.

Rahimli's friends enjoy the city's attractions, from thrilling experiences such as skydiving and desert camping, to hiking. "Dubai truly comes alive with various events and attractions, including the Global Village, Dubai Safari, and the Miracle Gardens, all of which open their doors to visitors during this time."

From around the world

Another tourist who often visits Dubai during winter months is Sardor Mirsidikov. His journey is multifaceted and perfectly balances his professional and personal needs. Hailing from Uzbekistan, where the winter season can be harsh, Dubai's mild winter provides him with a much-needed respite from the bitter cold. "Leave behind the attractions in Dubai. It is one of the best. Apart from my adventure, I partake in growing my business," said Sardor.

Recognising the potential for growth and networking, Sardor leverages Dubai's business landscape to his advantage. "Winter is a time when the city becomes a hub of activity. It brings entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world, and I have been a part of it for the last two years," said Sardor.

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