Al-Baha: AlShallal Theme Park in Bani Hassan governorate is a well-known tourist site in Al-Baha region.

The park's unique location makes it a popular destination for locals and visitors.

The municipality of Bani Hassan Governorate in Al-Baha completed a project to enhance the site's natural potential.

The project provides comfort and enjoyment for visitors while preserving the area's natural beauty near the waterfalls of Khairah Forest Park.

The municipality said the theme park is located near the waterfalls of Khairah Forest Park and will complement the nearby Prince Mashari Park. It will be added to a group of parks and gardens in the governorate.

Al-Baha locals have hailed the park as an aesthetic masterpiece, a testament to its ability to enhance the region's beauty and splendour. Its diverse offerings, catering to tourists, nature enthusiasts, and potential investors, make it one of the most prominent tourist areas in the Kingdom.

Saudi Press Agency's lens spotted prominent aspects of the park, where picturesque nature seemed beautiful.