Riyadh: The first Saudi opera, 'Zarqa Al-Yamama,' the grandest of its kind in Arabic, concluded after ten captivating shows at the King Fahd Cultural Center in Riyadh. From April 25 to May 4, the opera, presented and produced by the Theater and Performing Arts Commission, treated audiences to an artistic odyssey.

Within this enthralling journey, the tragic tale of Zarqa Al-Yamama, deeply rooted in the rich heritage of the Arabian Peninsula, unfolded, providing fertile ground for the creation of poetic verses and captivating scenes. Renowned Saudi author, poet, and playwright Saleh Zamanan crafted and brought to life this profound tragedy, offering audiences a fresh perspective reflecting the boundless artistic and creative depths inherited in Arabian Peninsula stories.

Throughout this artistic voyage, audiences were introduced to the unique and strong characters embodied in the Zarqa Al-Yamama story and their authentic values. The narrative featured a stellar ensemble of internationally acclaimed performers who dedicated themselves to learning Arabic specifically for their roles in Zarqa Al-Yamama. They were joined on stage by promising Saudi talents, blending their artistry harmoniously.

The opera boasted a remarkable cast of around 100 actors, including 12 children, while the orchestra comprised 62 accomplished musicians. Zarqa Al-Yamama marked a momentous occasion as the first production to grace the newly renovated King Fahd Cultural Center, showcasing the exquisite Salmani architectural style.

Through this opera, the Theater and Performing Arts Commission aimed to showcase the richness of Arab cultural heritage, elevate the national cultural scene, and draw inspiration from timeless artistic masterpieces. With a harmonious fusion of musical and performance traditions, this operatic masterpiece aimed to ignite public interest in the world of opera, offering unparalleled artistic and cultural experiences.