RIYADH — The Culinary Arts Commission revealed that Al-Margaouq has been selected as the regional dish for the Riyadh region while Saleeg was chosen as the regional dish for the Makkah region.

The commission announced the naming of regional dishes for all the 13 provinces of Saudi Arabia as part of the National and Regional Dishes Narratives initiative.

The commission identified the dishes that best represent all the regions of Saudi Arabia. This initiative is part of the commission’s efforts to enhance the presence of the Saudi culinary heritage both locally and globally.

The Madini rice is the dish for the Madinah region while Al-Mulayhiya was selected as the dish for the Northern Border Region.

Al-Bukayla was selected as the regional dish for Al-Jouf region, Muqana bread for Al-Baha region, Keubaibat Hail for the Hail region, and Al-Ruqsh for the Najran region, which is a popular dish made from wheat.

Al-Kleja was chosen from Al-Qassim region while Hassawi rice has been selected for the Eastern Province.

Al-Maghsh was chosen for the Jazan region, which is meat prepared in a stone pot, salted and immersed in water. Al-Sayadiah was chosen for the Tabuk region, and Al-Haneeth for Asir region.

These dishes were selected through specialized committees and in alignment with the regional emirates.

In each region, a special dish was chosen for it, in accordance with criteria set by the National and Regional Dishes Narratives initiative, the most prominent of which are the cultural and heritage value, and the historical importance of the dish.

This is in addition to expressing the region’s geography and its food culture, in addition to the contribution of this dish to supporting the local economy.

The commission launched the initiative by naming of jareesh as the Saudi national dish and maqshush as the national dessert in January 2023.

The initiative aims to celebrate the culture of Saudi culinary arts, invest in its symbolic value, and document its various recipes.

This is in order to enhance its circulation among the general public from various segments, locally and internationally, and preserve it as an aspect of the cultural heritage of various regions of the Kingdom.

The commission has expanded the scope of the initiative to include various regions, defining each region according to a regional level to celebrate the diversity of culinary arts and enhance their presence in contemporary life.

It took into account the economic impact this entails by investing in these dishes and their ingredients, trading them and presenting them in various hospitality outlets to local and international audiences.

It is noteworthy that traditional cuisine of Saudi Arabia preserves its longevity and heritage, which the new generations have preserved from their ancestors.

In general, Saudi Arabia is famous for many popular dishes, as each region has dishes that distinguish it from other foods in other regions.

Saudi cuisine is also distinguished by its authentic Arab taste, which makes many people prefer Saudi cuisine over others.


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