RIYADH — The Heritage Commission announced on Wednesday that it has found an Umayyad coin dating back to the year 85 AH in the Halit archaeological site in Dawadimi Province in Riyadh Region.

The Commission’s announcement that it had found the coin came during its confirmation of the completion of the excavation project for the Halit archaeological site in Dawadimi Province, for the third season 2022 AD, which has resulted in the discovery of several other important finds.

The results of the excavations also showed the discovery of a Mithqal containing early Arabic writing. (Mithqal is a unit measurement used for weighing and calculating and mostly used for measuring precious metals, such as gold, and other commodities)

Additionally, the discovery of ancient units called the “settlement market”, consisting of architectural units and adjoining rooms with side entrances, was revealed. The finding was near the mosque that they previously discovered.

Other findings included a group of antiquities that highlight the role of the site as one of the most important Islamic mines. The Halit archaeological site is considered one of the most important sites with an integrated infrastructure,

The Halit archaeological site highlights the civilizational role of the Arabian Peninsula during the Umayyad period, and its written findings matched the scientific analysis conducted in the previous season.

It is noteworthy that the Halit archaeological site is one of the mining sites that date back to the Umayyad era, and according to what was mentioned in the early historical sources, it was called “Maadan Al-Najadi or Al-Najadi Metal” and that belongs to its owners, the sons of Najad Bin Musa Bin Saad Bin Abi Waqqas, may God be pleased with him.

The Heritage Commission aims through that project to explore and reveal the features of the site, document it, and preserve it, which comes within its responsibilities towards the cultural heritage, protecting and taking care of it.

It also aspires to highlight the civilizational role of Saudi Arabia over different ages and historical periods.

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