JEDDAH — The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has issued 11,715 Ajeer Al-Hajj permits for the current Hajj season. Total beneficiaries of these permits stood at 924 Hajj service providing establishments.

The ministry also issued a total of 42,853 seasonal work visas for a number of professions in various fields. This is part of the ministry’s efforts to enable seasonal work for establishments and individuals who wish to engage in Hajj-related works during this year’s Hajj season.

The ministry launched the Ajeer Al-Hajj service for this year’s Hajj as a new initiative designed to facilitate the employment of workers on seasonal contracts during the Hajj season. This service aims to enhance the experience for pilgrims by improving the level of services provided to them at the Holy Sites.

The Ajeer platform serves as a bridge connecting jobseekers with employers, streamlining the workflow and simplifying procedures for both establishments and workers during the Hajj season.

As part of this initiative, the ministry mandates the establishments to issue a Hajj permit to individuals engaged in seasonal work. It also underscores that any violations of this requirement will incur penalties as stipulated by the law. The Ajeer Al-Hajj service enables establishments to issue work permits and employ Saudis and expatriates temporarily, and allows them to take up jobs during the Hajj season. It also allows job seekers to review and apply for the jobs through submitting their CVs via the Ajeer platform.

Ajeer Al-Hajj seeks to achieve a number of goals, including enhancing the flexibility of the workforce and raising their efficiency in the market, providing flexible work solutions, and reducing dependence on hiring workers from abroad. The service is available electronically in a simplified form for establishments and individuals via the platform’s website.

The seasonal visa service also provides the opportunity for establishments operating during the Hajj season to cover their need for workers and contribute to serving the pilgrims. The ministry worked from an early phase to issue seasonal visas to establishments on easy and convenient terms. The ministry’s supervisory committees, in partnership with the relevant authorities, continuously monitor and ensure that establishments operating during the Hajj season implement the requirements and provisions of the regulations for seasonal temporary work visas, and their compliance with the regulations and instructions.

The ministry had previously held several meetings in the Makkah region to which all establishments operating during the Hajj season were invited, with the aim of providing support, assistance, and explanation of everything related to seasonal work. It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has carried out a number of field tours to monitor establishments and follow up on the provisions of the work system and its regulations in Makkah and the Holy Sites.

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