DOHA: To protect workers from the dangers of heat stress in the summer, the Ministry of Labour announced that the decision to ban working in open spaces during daytime would come into effect from tomorrow.

The Ministry on X platform said that starting from June 1, 2024, to September 15, 2024, outdoor working will be banned from 10am to 3:30pm.

The ban enforcement is as per the Ministerial Resolution No. 17 of 2021 regarding the necessary precautions to protect workers from the dangers of heat stress during summer.

The decision prohibits work in the morning after 10am until 3:30pm, for work performed in open outdoor workplaces and shaded places that are not equipped with appropriate ventilation. The workers can return to work in the evening after 3:30 pm.

Recently, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and Ministry of Labour (MoL) jointly issued several safety measures and precautions to keep people safe during summer months and prevent heat-related illness.

The term “acclimatization” means that the body gradually adapts and tolerates higher levels of heat stress. Workers who are new to working in warm environments may not be acclimatized to heat. Their bodies need time to adapt to working in hot conditions.

As part of the awareness campaign, the Ministries have also highlighted several measures to prevent heat illness at work.

“Prioritise your health and safety at work by learning essential first aid for heat illness,” they said and urged people to prevent health illnesses at work, saying outdoor and indoor heat exposure could be dangerous.

They also shared first aid steps and signs of a medical emergency for heat illness. The signs of a medical emergency include abnormal thinking or behaviour, slurred speech, seizures and loss of consciousness.

The Ministry also said that if a worker experiences, headache or nausea, weakness or dizziness, heavy sweating or hot, dry skin, elevated body temperature, thirst, or decreased urine output give them water to drink; remove unnecessary clothing; move to cooler area; cool with water, ice or a fan; do not leave alone, and seek medical care if needed.

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