MAKKAH — Sheikh Mohammed Al-Issa, secretary general of the Makkah-based Muslim World League (MWL), delivered a significant speech at the Grand Hajj Symposium on Monday.

In his address, Dr. Al-Issa emphasized Saudi Arabia's unique role in securing the Hajj, guaranteeing its peacefulness, and fully assuming responsibility for these tasks.

Dr. Al-Issa highlighted the importance of distinguishing between legitimate facilitation and undue leniency, stressing that customization of fatwas to fit personal preferences should be avoided.

He reiterated that regulations set forth by authorities are obligatory and must be strictly followed by all involved. Ignoring these regulations, he warned, could lead to serious risks and consequences; therefore, Sharia law incorporates discretionary punishments to uphold order and prevent chaos.

Disregarding established regulations, Dr. Al-Issa noted, results in endless complications, as each group might attempt to establish its rules for Hajj. Issuing fatwas on Hajj regulations without adequate knowledge, he added, constitutes an inappropriate infringement on the sanctity of Hajj procedures.

He concluded by reaffirming that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is uniquely qualified to ensure the safety and tranquility of Hajj, bearing full responsibility for this sacred duty. "The state managing Hajj deeply cares for the pilgrims, consistently demonstrating successful and organized event management."

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