Muscat: Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) attorneys general met in Muscat on October 15 and approved the use of the "Artificial Intelligence Ethics Document in the work of attorney general offices", one of the goals of the GCC Charter.

The document highlights the need to keep pace with technological developments, at regional and international levels, and take advantage of the potential and capabilities offered by artificial intelligence (AI) in analyzing judicial and criminal databases, to the benefit of attorneys general in the GCC countries.

The document aims to establish a regulatory framework for the ethical use of AI in the work of attorney general offices, to improve the quality of work, accelerate the decision-making process and ensure its accuracy, efficiency and fairness, while respecting rights and freedoms.

It provides guidance to GCC countries' attorney general offices on how to ethically use AI systems in their work based on justice, equity, censorship, confidentiality, transparency, interpretability, safety, human values, sustainability and privacy.