Checking cars is poised to become a breeze for parking inspectors, thanks to a digital scanning vehicle.

With a mobile camera atop that's enabled to read parking tickets digitally, the path-breaking vehicle can scan 3,000 cars in just an hour. It was showcased by the Sharjah Municipality and Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) at Al Majaz Waterfront to mark the ongoing UAE Innovation Month.

The green and white vehicle has 'Sharjah Municipality' emblazoned across it.

Ali Ahmed Abu Ghazien, director of Public Parking Department at Sharjah Municipality, said that the pioneering vehicle can monitor and process more than 3,000 cars or vehicles in an hour. It will save time and energy, while simplifying the work of inspection teams.

The vehicle is equipped with a host of special features and digital technologies that reflect the UAE's innovative approach across all sectors, he added. It has been successfully tested and will be deployed in all areas over the next few weeks, Ghazien underlined.

He said that the monitoring vehicle will help inspectors through cameras that will scan the vehicle dashboards and tickets through a special technique. It will help check the existing abuses and provide data and statistics on the percentage of parking positions.

Innovative solution to conserve water, energy

Dr Alaeldin Mohamed Elhassan Idris, head of research section at SEWA, said the authority has been taking a number of proactive and innovative measures to save the precious resources of water and electricity. As the provider of water and energy needs of the emirate, SEWA has an important role to play in Sharjah's efforts towards sustainable development and protecting the environment, he pointed out.

Smart Water Monitoring Network

He said that conservation solutions include Smart Water Monitoring Network, which can help the authorities monitor a number of functions like water flow, pressure, quality of water and leaks if any throughout Sharjah. It can even predict a possible leak. The system works 24/7 and is monitored by a team of experts and emergency teams that respond swiftly to any emergency or crisis.

Internal Water Leaks Management Initiative

Idris added that another innovative step introduced by SEWA features the use of a machine that has been installed in all public places like government buildings and mosques in Sharjah. The machine, originally used in Europe as a prepaid system to buy electricity and water in Europe and in some African countries, has been successfully converted by SEWA into a device to check internal water leaks. The use of this device has been helping the authority avoid wastage of water and conserve the limited resource for the needs of future generations, he said.

Raising kids' awareness

The SEWA stand at Al Majaz Waterfront has been attracting a huge number of children who are drawn to its huge 'snake-and-ladder' kind-of colourful table drawn on the floor. The authority is using this game to teach visitors - especially children - about the importance of saving water and power to preserve the environment.

"It is extremely important to instill respect and concern for the environment among kids. They must be aware of the need to responsibly use the limited resources," emphasised Idris.

The UAE Innovation Month - to continue till February 21 - supports the national innovation strategy and solidifies the UAE's position as a global innovation hub. The month-long celebration encourages and inspires the public and private sectors as well as individuals to adopt innovative thinking and practices for the greater common good of the people.

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