Tabuk: Red Sea Global (RSG) has issued a press release announcing cooperation with Oracle, a company specialized in hospitality, to introduce its technology solutions, including OPERA Cloud Central Hospitality platform, in the Kingdom for the first time.

Through this cooperation, RSG said it will establish premier luxury resorts such as Thuwal Private Retreat, Shebara, and Desert Rock, which are set to become the first resorts in the Kingdom to leverage Oracle's advanced cloud hospitality technology solutions.

Group CEO at Red Sea Global John Pagano said: "The Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Central platform truly is best in class, but until now, it has not been accessible to the Saudi Arabian industry. Oracle was eager to be part of the exciting transformation happening in the Kingdom, especially in the hospitality industry. With their expertise and support, we now have the technology in place to deliver exceptional guest experiences, responding to our discerning visitors' needs before they know what they want."

Executive Vice President and General Manager at Oracle Hospitality Alex Alt said: "Saudi Arabia is one of the world's most exciting hospitality market stories today, and by pioneering a regenerative approach to tourism, Red Sea Global is at the heart of that transformation. Now, Oracle will also be a part of shaping the sector's future in the region."