Riyadh: The Saudi Basserah Information Technology Company, pioneering in artificial intelligence and Robotic automation, has launched the “Anjiz Li” platform (‘Achieve for me’), during its participation in the LEAP Conference, currently taking place in Riyadh.

“Anjiz Li” is a smart Saudi platform that carries out external duties in the platforms of the service providers from the public and private sectors, using digital employees through the Robotic automation process.

CEO of Saudi Basserah Information Technology Company Eng. Abdulaziz Al-Maliki pointed out that the company, exercising the “digital employee concept, provides smart and creative solutions through the “Anjiz Li” platform to overcome the privacy challenges and operating risks as per its endeavor to improve productivity and boost the satisfaction of employees and give them the time to focus on business development.

He also explained that the platform achieves complementary relationship between service providers and beneficiaries through the “digital employee” to decrease time, cut expenditures, improve productivity and enhance employee satisfaction.

Al-Maliki also pointed out that the platform provides up to 24 services so far, including passports, issuance of residence permits, renewal and cancelation, entry and exit permits, and passport information updates.

The “Anjiz Li” platform, according to the CEO, also provides foreign services, including the issuance of business visit visas, medical insurances and pay changes.