After achieving great success in the world of design, renowned designer May Saeed has opened her new headquarters in the UAE, specifically in Abu Dhabi, to fulfil her ambitious goals in her field. She aims to begin working in this attractive Gulf state by partnering with numerous different organisations and institutions, and to write new chapters of success in the vast world of design.

MS Interiors Company started providing its services to clients 15 years ago, through interior design, design, and contracting in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The company focuses on designing luxurious, efficient, and sustainable spaces. It consists of a group of leaders in various sectors such as design, architecture, project management, and engineering, who work in perfect harmony to create beautiful experiences tailored to their distinguished clients. As part of her plan, represented by the MS Interiors Foundation, Saeed has established a new headquarter in Abu Dhabi. This move aims to bring spaces to life, relying on her creativity to achieve innovative design and construction solutions.

As for MS's work strategy, the company understands that your home or office is an extension of you and your lifestyle. Its team is dedicated to working with all clients to achieve their aesthetic aspirations, focusing on design quality and customer service. The company strives to create timeless and inspiring spaces that reflect the vision of all its clients. Through collaborative work with skilled designers, architects, and craftsmen, the company creates custom design solutions that transform your space and bring your vision to life.

MS operates in an organised manner with clear procedures and processes, and with world-leading technology of the highest quality. The company does not stop at completing its work and delivering it to clients, but continuously monitors all aspects of its work after delivery, evaluates and develops itself constantly to improve future activities.

The mission of MS Company is to provide you with the best service that is compatible with your requirements and anticipates your needs. The company's reputation is based on core values of efficiency, cohesion, and reliability, offering a high level of expertise in interior design, renovation, and contracting. MS Company's strength lies in providing new or unknown materials that are not visible in the market. If a material is common, it will not be offered because it can already be seen everywhere.

The company's experiences, services, and products provide added value and offer the best comprehensive economy while creating new job opportunities for customers. MS Company relies on clear communication with its clients and guides them through the entire process to find the right solution. In addition to understanding customers' business operations and dealing with effective solutions to problems, MS Company takes responsibility for its actions and engages in constructive dialogue that develops relationships with its customers, suppliers, and employees.

The vision of MS Company lies in shaping spaces with timeless designs, aiming to be a globally recognised professional interior design company that offers solutions in the field of corporate, commercial, and luxury residential interior designs.

MS Company strives to build a strong client relationship based on trust, commitment, and integrity. Trust is the foundation of any relationship between the client and the architect. Your success and value rely on your ability to trust the company to handle any situation (project process). When the company presents a value proposition, it delivers on that promise and commits to providing the best interior design consultancy experience with excellent customer service at all times. Therefore, the company always seeks to add value to the client's trust in them.

MS Company manages your project from concept to installation. It also manages to work collaboratively with skilled consultants to ensure compliance with timelines and a seamless process from start to finish. Waiting for a surprise? There are no surprises. Escalating costs, schedule delays, and scope creep are just a few surprises that your projects may encounter.

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