Egypt - DeFacto, a leading fashion brand with a global presence, reiterates its dedication to the Egyptian market, a key player in the regional landscape. The brand is set to enhance its investment in digital platforms and establish additional outlets across various Egyptian cities in the near future.

On this occasion, Hany Alkholy, the Country Manager for DeFacto Egypt, remarked: “Egypt stands as a cornerstone market within the region, and we are executing a robust plan to amplify our investments here. As a brand that’s accessible in over 100 countries and experiencing swift growth in Egypt, we aim to offer an array of benefits to our Egyptian customers. Known for our accessible fashion, we are looking to bolster our online footprint in Egypt and surpass the expectations of an ever-growing clientele.”

Alkholy further stated: “At DeFacto, we hold great respect and admiration for the Egyptian people, their unique fashion sense, and their style preferences. This admiration is mutual, as Egyptians are increasingly drawn to the elegant and appealing collections that DeFacto presents in the local market.”

Since launching its first Egyptian store in June 2013, DeFacto now operates 31 stores across 8 cities, with a strong presence in Cairo (12 stores), Giza (6 stores), Alexandria (4 stores), Qalyubia (3 stores), and a presence in Hurghada, Tanta, Mansoura, and Menofia.

The global fashion entity has also initiated the “Star of the Ramadan. By DeFacto” television campaign in Egypt, further solidifying its brand presence.

The company said that a pivotal element of DeFacto’s business strategy is to leverage Egypt as a strategic manufacturing center for its worldwide operations, aiming to export products to various international markets. Currently, DeFacto employs a dedicated team of over 730 professionals in Egypt.

Alkholy added: “Our expansion in Egypt has been remarkable, doubling our reach in the past two years, both in physical and digital domains.”

DeFacto asserted that it was committed to a strategy of growth, aiming to generate significant job opportunities in Egypt and contribute to the nation’s development goals as envisioned in Egypt Vision 2030.

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