MAKKAH - The Saudi Water Authority has intensified its inspections in Makkah and the holy sites to ensure the safety and security of water supplies and enhance the quality of services for pilgrims during the Hajj season.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Thursday that the inspections also aim to detect any violations and ensure the readiness of all systems, networks, and distribution lines at the facilities and camps.

The inspection tours covered camps, government agencies, and service sectors, verifying the readiness of various water networks such as drinking water, cooling water, firefighting water, toilets, and wastewater. The authority teams ensure compliance with water system regulations and promptly address any violations.

So far, over 25 daily inspection tours have been conducted, with a target of 300 tours by the end of the Hajj season. More than 12 teams, including 30 inspectors and supervisors, are dedicated to these inspections, ensuring the smooth operation of all water supply services.

Meanwhile, a top official also conducted an inspection in Mina. The Governor of the Supreme Commission for Industrial Security (SCIS), Eng. Aali bin Mohammed Al-Zahrani, and a number of the authority's leaders inspected the technical systems, the progress of operational processes, and the readiness of the safety and industrial security sector affiliated with the National Water Company in Mina.