MUSCAT: An Oman-based developer of innovative carbon mineralisation technologies, and Aircapture, a leading Direct Air Capture technology company, have joined forces on a Direct Air Capture (DAC) + Mineralisation project in the Sultanate of Oman.

The project, which will begin operations in Oman's Hajar mountains in late 2024, significantly scales up the use of peridotite mineralisation technology to eliminate atmospheric CO2.

Aircapture will provide modular DAC units capable of delivering up to 500 tons of high-grade liquid CO2 per year, with plans to increase deployment significantly after initial pilot testing.

44.01 will mineralise the captured atmospheric CO2 in peridotite using their award-winning technology. Peridotite, an ultramafic rock found in abundance across the world, mineralises CO2 naturally in a process that usually takes decades. 44.01's technology accelerates this process, offering a safe, permanent, and scalable way of eliminating CO2 in less than a year.

The project will take place at a site in Oman where 44.01 has already completed successful pilots, and will also see 44.01 mineralise thousands of tons of CO2 from industrial and biogenic sources.

"The capture and removal of atmospheric CO2 is critical to avoid the existential threat of climate change and reach global net zero goals," said Matt Atwood, Founder and CEO of Aircapture.

"Aircapture's Direct Air Capture process combined with 44.01's mineralisation capabilities enable us to demonstrate permanent CO2 removal that, at scale, could transform the climate crisis."

Talal Hasan, Founder and CEO of 44.01, said, "We see Direct Air Capture companies as critical partners as we work to provide the highest quality, most permanent form of carbon removal. We are pleased to be working with Aircapture to demonstrate the huge potential DAC + Mineralisation offers to eliminate CO2 around the world."

44.01 eliminates CO2 by turning it into rock. The company's pioneering technology accelerates the natural process of CO2 mineralisation to remove captured CO2 permanently in less than twelve months. 44.01 takes CO2 captured directly from the air, or from hard-to-abate industrial processes, helping decarbonise vital industries and ultimately return the atmosphere to sustainable levels of CO2.

44.01 began operations in Oman in 2020 and entered the UAE in 2023.

Peridotite is also found in the USA, Europe, Africa, Japan, Australia and elsewhere. Once deployed at scale, 44.01's technology has the potential to eliminate billions of tons of CO2 internationally. The process is safe, scalable and lasts forever.

Based in Berkeley, CA, Aircapture supplies commercial and industrial customers with clean CO2 captured from the atmosphere and point-source emissions. Their modular direct air capture (DAC) technology allows for the direct, on-site application into customers' production processes and for large-scale sequestration.

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