DUBAI- Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) 's Research and Development (R&D) Centre has organised a training programme for 40 trainees from 13 different nationalities representing 19 local and global universities in 2021 through its 'Al Baheth programme'.

It attracted six trainees, including five Emiratis, to join DEWA's team.

Under the umbrella of the Al Baheth programme, the R&D Centre held 30 technical sessions that tackled several topics in collaboration with an array of international experts and the Centre's experts.

These topics include solar cells, machine learning, deep learning algorithms, robots, digital manufacturing, added manufacturing, blockchain, and 3D printers. The R&D Centre also organised five virtual seminars on smart grids, the cycle of satellites, complex analytics on Big Data Series and solar resources knowledge.

The Centre also organised the Al Baheth Programme annual symposium in cooperation with Sharjah University. The symposium included the second 'Empowering Women in Research and Innovation Forum'. The Centre has funded ten research projects submitted by students from several universities and institutes.

The Centre also held Al Baheth Day 2021 to honour young researchers who took part in Al Baheth capstone projects and internships.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of DEWA, said that the Centre collaborates with several academic entities in R&D, joint studies in R&D and alternative energy sources. It includes 43 researchers, including 29 PhD and master degree holders.

"The Centre enriches the scientific community in Dubai and the UAE by spreading knowledge and developing the talents of Emirati researchers. The Centre has published 84 research papers in journals and international scientific conferences," he added.

Waleed bin Salman, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Excellence at DEWA, said that the programme comprises four categories: Internships, Capstone projects fund, visiting researchers, seminars and workshops for DEWA's staff, engineers, academics, and other stakeholders."

Dr. Ali Rashid AlAleeli, Vice President R&D, Business Development and Excellence at DEWA, said that the programme engages local and international universities in R&D by sending the best technical candidates to work with DEWA's researchers in different areas.

Al Baheth, he said, aims to develop national calibre by engaging them in competitions, training and activities organised by the Centre in collaboration with major international companies and an array of global researchers, academicians and speakers.