ABU DHABI - The Arab Trade Finance Programme (ATFP) has announced new direct financing to the Republic of Tunisia, amounting to US$57 million, to finance commercial transactions, strengthen the country’s financial position and meet emergency needs.

The ATFP affirmed its support to provide financial support to National Agencies in its member countries in light of the current developments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ensuing economic and financial repercussions in different aspects.

The programme follows closely the developments of the Tunisian economy and the challenges it faces due to the current circumstances and works through a fruitful partnership with the Central Bank of Tunisia to help the country contain the different challenges in the most effective way.

It is currently studying financing requests from National Agencies in other member countries and is processing the requests through expeditious procedures, to provide its support as quickly as possible, so that the National Agencies in member countries can meet financing needs and enhance their financial positions to face various challenges, especially in such times.

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