|24 March, 2018

Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions & Services Authority Organizes Government Data Management Workshop

Attended by over 100 Government Employees

Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions Services Authority Organizes Government Data Management Workshop

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi’s Smart Solutions & Services Authority (ADSSSA) organized today a workshop entitled Government Data Management. Attended by more than 100 government employees, the workshop aims to introduce the Government Data Management Policy and Standards Index in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The workshop comes within the framework of the Government's efforts to improve the quality of government services throughout Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Rauda Saeed Al Saadi, Director General of ADSSSA inaugurated the workshop with a welcoming speech, in which she thanked the attendees and emphasized their key role to the success of the program. She also highlighted the importance of data management and its impact on future generations in bringing about a quantum leap in life and work methods.

Al Saadi also said: “Data is this era’s oil, which will build future wealth, prosperity and development. While oil ushered the way for industrial revolution, now data will lead the way towards the information age."


Saeed Al Mansouri, Executive Director of the Shared Government Services Division in the Authority, said: "Data management areas contribute to the organization of structured and direct control processes of data by government entities, starting from collection of input, all the way to processing, output and archiving the data in order to create economic and social value. The workshop aims to raise the awareness of government entities on the policies, standards and data management programs of the Government of Abu Dhabi and its importance. It also aims to improve our work to achieve government integration in the field of ICT and improve the level of government performance according to the objectives and strategic directives of the Emirate."

The workshop, which was held in the presence of data managers from government entities in Abu Dhabi, included a presentation explaining the programme’s way of operation and areas of data management. The objectives of the program include 13 areas: data governance, data modeling and design, data architecture, metadata management, data quality, data index, open data, data integrity and compatibility, general data management, data security and privacy, document and content management, data storage and business intelligence. Moreover, the workshop discussed the plans set to achieve the program’s objectives and the follow-up mechanisms and performance reports of each government entity, and concluded by reviewing a number of illustrative examples.

The Abu Dhabi Government's data management program is designed based on government assessments and best practices in data management worldwide to support innovation and achieve government excellence by providing open data.


Abu Dhabi’s Smart Solutions and Services Authority (“ADSSSA”) works with all government bodies to develop smart systems for government services by focusing on the combined experience of all categories of customers, to improve and assist the work of the government services sector.

The Authority is supervising the establishment of customer service centres, which will offer smart and integrated services at the highest international standards.

The Authority’s tasks also include drafting general policies, strategic plans and initiatives, and providing operational support to achieve government integration of information and communication technologies, as well as enabling government authorities to manage their institutional and developmental tasks through innovative systems and legislation, which will help to improve government performance.

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