The overall number of DDoS attacks declined 13% in 2018 when compared with the statistics from the previous year, the Kaspersky Lab DDoS Q4 2018 Report revealed.

However, the duration of mixed and HTTP flood attacks is growing, which suggests that malefactors are turning to more sophisticated DDoS attack techniques.

The low cost of DDoS-as-hire makes such attacks one of the most affordable cyberweapons for evil competitors or internet trolls. Businesses, regardless of their size or industry, can face this threat and suffer revenue and reputation losses in case legitimate users and customers cannot access company’s web resources. Despite the number of DDoS attacks falling in 2018, it’s too early to rejoice as the decrease of the amount of attacks does not mean a decrease in their severity. According to Kaspersky Lab researchers, as more and more organizations adopt solutions to protect themselves from simple types of DDoS attacks, 2019 will likely see attackers improve their expertise to overcome standard DDoS protection measures and bring overall complexity of this type of threat to the next level.