Riyadh: The National Center for Government Resources Systems (NCGR) launched its comprehensive strategy (2022-2025), which is based on four main pillars, to include raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the government in managing its resources, maximizing the benefit of the NCGR's resources, superiority in providing and using data to support the decision-making process, and excellence in risk management.

The message of this strategy is to innovate, develop, and manage financial and human resource systems and government procurement with flexibility and reliability, in accordance with the best international practices and methodologies, based on the values of proactivity, innovation, and focus on the beneficiary.

It also includes four enabling factors, which are effective institutional structure and infrastructure, enabled human capital, a flexible and effective operating model, and various partnership models with the public and private sectors.

This strategy aims for superiority in developing and operating a unified and sustainable system for government resources, improving the beneficiary’s experience, and managing change to adopt solutions for government resource systems.

This is in addition to ensuring maximum utilization of the capabilities of the NCGR to achieve the best results and returns for the government, enhancing data's infrastructure and reliability, and managing change to support the data culture.

The CEO of the NCGR, Eng. Yousef bin Abdulrahman Al-Harqan, explained that this strategy is in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which aims to develop e-government, expand transformation and technical solutions, and increase support in the field of financial technology for new and emerging companies.

It is also consistent with the NCGR's goals of providing unified and integrated systems, enhancing transparency and anti-corruption, improving productivity and operation efficiency as well as expenditure efficiency, providing digital products and services, and building data and business intelligence capabilities.

Eng. Al-Harqan added that this strategy is the result of integrative work, coordinated efforts, and constructive interaction of partners from the public and private sectors, which helped to reach a tight framework to contribute to the development of integrated technologies to manage the state's resources.

It also supports the trends of the Kingdom's digital government aimed at adopting advanced technologies in government entities to improve procedures and the way services are provided and to provide an integrated and interconnected digital system to enhance decision-making.

The NCGR was established by the Cabinet's resolution on February 16, 2021, to transform "the National Systems Agency" at the Ministry of Finance into "the National Center for Government Resources Systems" as an independent center to achieve many positive objectives for the Kingdom's economy.

That is by providing solutions via unified and integrated systems, enhancing innovation, utilizing modern technologies, assisting small and medium enterprises, supporting local content, increasing competitiveness and providing opportunities, improving the beneficiaries’ experience, measuring performance indicators, standardizing procedures, and integration among the beneficiaries.