Muscat – Muscat Municipality, in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources (MAFWR), has devised a flood risk protection system for Muscat governorate. Based on recommendations of feasibility studies, there are plans to construct 18 protection dams strategically built across several wadis in the governorate, with priority assigned to regions deemed most vulnerable to such hazards.

Muscat Municipal Council, led by Sayyid Saud bin Hilal al Busaidi, Governor of Muscat and Chairman of the council, convened its fourth meeting of the year on Monday to assess the flood risk protection system in the governorate. 

MAFWR made a comprehensive presentation outlining the measures undertaken to mitigate flood risks in the governorate. Special emphasis was placed on the progress of dam construction projects and the concerted efforts of the water resources sector.

The primary objective of the dams is minimisation of damage caused by rains and flooding-related incidents to both public and private infrastructure. 

The plan will be implemented through application of contemporary scientific methodologies and sustainable resource management approaches, the municipality stated. 

‘Through collaborative efforts with pertinent authorities, the ministry has devised a flood risk protection system for Muscat governorate. This system is based on meticulous feasibility studies and detailed designs for a network of dams and canals aimed at regulating wadi water flow.’ 

Scrap collection 

At the meeting, the council reaffirmed its support for previous recommendations regarding regulation of scrap collection and trading activities in the governorate. Additionally, it approved initiatives to bolster the fishing community by providing advanced fishing vessels. 

The meeting also delved into recommendations of the council’s standing committees, particularly one focused on challenges related to beach cleanliness in Muscat, as highlighted by the Health and Environmental Affairs Committee. 

Several other solutions and strategies to civic issues were discussed with representatives of MAFWR and the municipality. Emphasis was placed on enhancing environmental consciousness and education to foster a culture of beach cleanliness and civic hygiene.

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