MUSCAT: Swedish based international Oil & Gas firm Maha Energy has described the initial finds of its production test conducted on Block 70 onshore Oman as “promising”. The test, centring on Alpha Pad in the block, encompassed four wells: Mafraq-9, Mafraq-7, Mafraq-10, and Mafraq-8.

The production test has yielded encouraging outcomes, showcasing the potential of the wells, said Maha Energy in a statement.

Mafraq-9, the first well linked to the production test facilities, demonstrated a flow rate ranging from 300 to 350 barrels of oil per day, accompanied by a water cut of approximately 5%.

However, Mafraq-7 faced initial challenges during testing and is currently undergoing reassessment to address these issues, the company noted.

Another promising result emerged from Mafraq-10, which exhibited an estimated production rate of 430 barrels of oil per day, with a water cut of around 10% before the conclusion of the test.

Similarly, Mafraq-8 showcased favourable results, achieving an estimated production rate of 600 barrels of oil per day, with a water cut below 5%.

Significantly, Block 70’s output is categorised as heavy oil with a viscosity that exceeded initial expectations, according to Maha Energy. To ensure compliance with transportation and processing requirements at third-party facilities, Maha is collaborating with experienced service providers specialised in heavy oil processing.

They are implementing various thermal and chemical treatment methods to optimise the quality of the extracted oil.

Once the necessary specifications are met, Maha plans to transport the oil via heated trucks to third-party facilities for further processing. Subsequently, the oil will be integrated into the Omani national pipeline system for transportation.

“Maha remains committed to comprehensive testing and data collection. The evaluation process will continue until all eight newly drilled production wells have been thoroughly assessed. Each well is equipped with a Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP).

As per the scheduled timeline, the drilling programme for production, exploration, and appraisal wells in Block 70 is progressing smoothly in the second quarter of 2023.

Block 70 is operated by Maha Energy, holding a 65% working interest, while Mafraq Energy retains the remaining 35% interest in the project.

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