The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) issued a press release on Monday of the primary data of manufacturing and extractive industries of production index for February 2022.

CAPMAS updated the index methodology using FY year 2012/13 as a base and the level of main indices of industrial activity according to the Industrial Activity Manual (ISIC Rev.4).

The manufacturing and extractive industries index (Excluding crude oil and petroleum products) reached 110.62 during February 2022 (primary) compared to 112.46 during January 2022 (final) — a decrease of 1.64%.

Furthermore, the manufacture of food products reached 146.77 during February 2022, compared to January 2022, reaching 142.65 — an increase of 2.89% — due to an increase in production to prepare for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Additionally, the manufacture of electrical equipment also reached 140.50 up from January’s 124.04 — an increase of 13.27% due to an increase in demand.

However, the manufacture of paper products reached 77.04, down from January’s 79.66 — a decrease by 3.29% — due to market needs.

Also, the manufacture of chemicals and chemical products reached 94.70, down from 105.61 — a decrease of 10.33% — due to market needs.

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