MUSCAT: Al Wusta Governorate has announced the commencement of tender processes for more than twenty developmental projects across the governorate.

Among the prominent initiatives unveiled by the governorate are the design and execution of internal road networks within the Wilayat of Haima, Mahoot, Duqm, and Al-Jazirah. These projects aim to enhance connectivity and facilitate smoother transportation within the region.

Furthermore, the governorate has issued tenders for the design and implementation of roads in commercial districts within Haima, Mahoot, and Al-Jazirah. This strategic endeavor is poised to stimulate economic activity and foster growth in these vital areas.

In a bid to enhance safety and visibility, the governorate has also initiated a project for the supply and installation of lighting poles along internal roads in Haima, Mahoot, Duqm, and Al-Jazirah. This undertaking underscores the commitment to ensuring well-lit and secure thoroughfares for residents and visitors alike.

In parallel with infrastructure enhancements, the governorate is focused on fostering tourism development across its territories. Noteworthy projects in this domain include the establishment of parks in the villages of Ajayiz and Abu Madabi in Haima, aimed at providing recreational spaces for the local populace and tourists.

Additionally, plans are underway for the creation of a natural park and a health walkway in Mahoot wilayat, catering to the wellness and leisure needs of residents and visitors.

The governorate's vision for tourism expansion extends to the development of coastal areas as well. A tender has been floated for the completion of the second phase of the project aimed at enhancing the marine front of Ras Madrakah in Duqm.


Furthermore, initiatives such as the construction of beach umbrellas and facilities along the shores of Surab, Al Khaluf, and Sadah villages in Mahoot state, as well as Ras Madrakah in Duqm, are poised to elevate the coastal experience for tourists.

In line with environmental conservation and ecotourism, consultancy studies have been commissioned for the establishment of the Pink Lakes Park in Al-Jazirah state. This initiative underscores the governorate's commitment to sustainable tourism practices and the preservation of natural heritage.


Lastly, recognizing the importance of food and water safety, the governorate has initiated a tender for the supply of equipment for the Food and Water Control Laboratory, ensuring adherence to rigorous quality standards and safeguarding public health.

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