France-based global infrastructure and mobility consultancy Egis announced on Monday that it has acquired the Waagner Biro Bridge Services group of companies, marking the firm's fifth acquisition in the Middle East.

The acquisition includes Waagner Biro Bridge Gulf and Waagner Biro Bridge Fabrication in Dubai, Waagner Biro Bridge Contracting and General Maintenance in Abu Dhabi, and Waagner Biro Bridge Qatar. Egis said in a press statement.

The statement said the new acquisition completes Egis' portfolio in the region by adding infrastructure maintenance and operations and supporting Egis' project structuring expertise (PPP).

The acquisition would broaden Egis' engineering services to include the design, engineering, and construction of steel bridges and structures, marine and coastal engineering projects, and the maintenance and operation of wastewater treatment facilities and pumping stations.

"On the other hand, Egis and Waagner Biro Bridge Services share the capacity to provide comprehensive facility management services through a distinct range of corrective, preventative, and annual maintenance services for bridges, road infrastructure, and public utilities," the statement said.

Waagner Biro Bridge Services has been operating in the GCC for more than 50 years with an order portfolio that includes the operation and maintenance of the Floating and Maktoum Bridge in Dubai, the routine maintenance of road structures in Dubai, coastal protection works in Dubai, the construction of Yas Marina Hotel Access bridge in Abu Dhabi, and the operation and maintenance of several wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations in Qatar.

Egis' previous four acquisitions in the Middle East include 'Inhabit,' an engineering and consulting firm specialising in design services, '10 design', an architecture firm, 'Projacs,' a consulting firm specialising in project management and construction supervision for buildings and 'WME,' a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy.

(Writing by SA Kader; Editing by Anoop Menon)