Riyadh, KSA: Intigral, MENA’s leading digital entertainment provider and stc’s media and advertising arm, recently shared marketing insights into online media consumption habits during a live webinar series, "Buying Habits in MENA Ep. 2", hosted by DICM.

The company's VP Content/Production, Tony Saab, recently joined other experts in the media and broadcasting industry to discuss their various methods in catering to the MENA market's needs. He attributed part of Intigral's success to adopting a proactive approach, actively listening to customers, and implementing solutions and features based on research-based strategies.

Intigral had recently conducted a survey revealing that 78% of its Jawwy TV users are likely to continue to use the service. Drawing on these results, Mr. Saab touched on how Intigral has been in close contact with its subscribers, identifying dominant patterns of customer behaviors and developing data-driven approaches to adequately meet their needs and ensure their satisfaction.

Highlighting the potential growth of the OTT digital streaming market, set to double to almost $4 billion by 2027, Mr. Saab zeroed in on Intigral's premium, user-friendly OTT service Jawwy TV. The platform is MENA's first aggregated provider, whereby subscribers can enjoy 200+ live TV channels, 28,000+ VoD assets from top-tier streaming services, and original productions all in one place, any time, and on any device. Jawwy TV's unique value proposition has contributed to its significant expansion into eight major markets across the MENA region and has played a considerable role in Intigral's customer loyalty and retention strategies.

Mr. Saab also reflected on how strategic partnerships have become a critical component of Intigral's extensive growth, providing a win-win scenario through the acquisition of curated content from world-leading providers, networks, and broadcasters. These partnerships ensure that Intigral's customers have access through a single, one-stop destination interface to content from STARZPLAY, discovery+, Wide Khaliji, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, MBC, Rotana, CNN, OSN and more. In addition, he explained that Intigral's value offering also revolves around developing and providing locally and regionally produced, high-quality exclusive Arabic content.

Looking to the future, Mr. Saab closed by evaluating current trends and upcoming developments, noting that the booming subscription streaming market must evolve to meet consumers' rapidly shifting needs and expectations. Providers must ensure their service offers variety and convenience for their customers to leverage the benefits of this growing industry.



Based in Riyadh and Dubai, Intigral is the media and advertising arm of stc, and MENA’s leading provider of digital entertainment and sports and media services via its market-leading solutions, Jawwy TV and Dawri Plus.

Jawwy TV brings together the users’ favorite TV shows, movies from top streaming content providers including STARZPLAY, discovery+, Wide Khaliji, Cartoon Network & Boomerang, in addition to the local and regional original content productions and exclusives which you cannot watch anywhere else.

Our value proposition is further augmented thanks to our Live TV Line-up (best in class). We teamed up with the largest regional and international networks/broadcasters such as MBC, Rotana, CNN, OSN and more to bring the favorite free-to-air and encrypted channels to all users, from news, entertainment, music & sports. So users can browse, search and watch TV shows, movies and live TV programs.

All of this and much more in one place, one account.