Muscat, Oman: Vodafone Oman has set a new record with more than 40,000 people joining its innovative “Steps for Goodness” Ramadan campaign and collecting more than one billion points for a cause. The annual initiative, now in its second year, successfully marries technology with philanthropy, illustrating how everyday activities can be transformed into acts of kindness and community benefit.

At the heart of the initiative is the My Vodafone App, a digital conduit through which Vodafone Oman invited the entire nation to participate. By simply downloading the app and walking, users converted their steps into points, which then translated into donations for various causes in partnership with Al Rahma Association. This simple act of walking, often overlooked as a mundane part of daily life, was reimagined as a powerful tool for change.

The initiative was not just about promoting health and fitness but also about building a community of conscious individuals committed to making a difference. Each week of Ramadan brought a new focus for the campaign's charitable efforts, demonstrating Vodafone Oman’s commitment to addressing diverse social and community needs. The first week resulted in supporting over 230 individuals with special needs, while week two raised relief aid for Gaza. In week three, participants were able to help support 167 underprivileged families with donations for their Eid preparations, and in the final week, emergency support was provided to five families in financial crises through the Fak Kurba program.

 “Steps for Goodness is not just a campaign, it’s a testament to the power of collective action and the impactful synergy between technology and the spirit of giving in Ramadan. It has set a high bar for how technology can be harnessed for social good,” expressed Usama Abdullah Al Saifi, Vodafone Oman’s Brand Manager. “Our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation go out to each and every one who participated in making a difference. Although we have now bid farewell to Ramadan, the steps taken resonate with continued echoes of generosity, paving the way for future initiatives that will transform the simple act of walking into a pathway of widespread, sustained goodness.”

True to its reputation as a digital leader, Vodafone Oman enhanced this year’s campaign with an array of creative features. A podcast series that became a companion to the participants was introduced, offering valuable insights and doubling the points for active listeners, effectively engaging an audience that prefers auditory learning. The podcasts alone attracted over 17,000 subscribers and listeners.

The campaign also included walkathons with strategically placed QR codes along eight designated walking routes in key cities including Suhar, Sur, Nizwa and Salalah. Scanning these codes offered participants extra points, integrating a digital treasure hunt element into the campaign and encouraging more extensive exploration and participation. In addition, the season’s special events from family walkathons to Quaranqasho celebrations at the Royal Hospital drew crowds of over 4,000 participants.

The community aspect was further enhanced by the inclusion of group challenges where participants invited friends to join in, magnifying the impact of their contributions.

Driven to do more, Vodafone Oman is looking forward to Ramadan next year with greater ambitions to spread its mission and make a bigger difference in enhancing people’s live across the Sultanate during the month of giving, generosity and kindness.

About Vodafone in the Sultanate of Oman:

Vodafone Oman was established through a strategic partnership between the Oman Future Telecommunication Company and Vodafone Group, one of the largest providers of mobile, fixed, broadband and digital TV services.

Launching its commercial operations in March 2022, Vodafone is the only digital-first operator with a 100% cloud-based 5G network infrastructure, introducing Oman to a new-generation of telcos. The company’s competitive edge is centred around its award-winning App, with a fully digital onboarding process, auto payment, SIM and eSIM replacement, government services and much more. It is a one-stop-shop offering speed, convenience and personalised value-add to both pre-paid and postpaid customers across Oman. With more than four million downloads, it is the only telecom app in Oman with a 100% market penetration.

Today, Vodafone’s retail network includes 75 Stores and eStores in addition to more than 4,000 sales channels across Oman. The My Vodafone App is also available on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and the Huawei AppGallery.

Vodafone firmly believes that talented individuals, together with cutting-edge technologies, can lead the way towards building a bright future that is sought-after by everyone. The company’s belief is reflected in its chosen slogan, ‘Together, we can’.

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