TechoSmart for IT Services has announced a new partnership with the UAE company “Mo3lim”. The partnership was agreed with a view to jointly support the Kingdom of Bahrain’s educational system within the framework of digital transformation and Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030.

“This new partnership demonstrates our desire to develop the educational system throughout the Kingdom.” Noted Mr Mohamed Alhujairi, CEO of TechoSmart. He explained that the partnership with Mo3lim will be focused on e-learning through an advanced platform provided by the company. He reflected on the importance of e-learning and how it will lead to a modern, interactive education system that is flexible, cost-effective and complements traditional education.

“We share the same social and cultural values with Mo3lim and they have shown that they have a comprehensive understanding of the region’s needs. We will work together to meet those needs and achieve our goals as effectively as possible.” Concluded Mr Alhujairi.

The founder and CEO of Mo3lim, Mr Sameer Rahmah, observed that the partnership agreement with “Techosmart” will support the development and implementation of the latest technologies in the field of digital transformation. He noted that these technologies will become localised in Bahrain saying; “Today we are transferring e-learning in Bahrain to accessible spaces, enabling all stakeholders in the educational system – from government and private entities to students and teachers – to benefit.” 

Mr Rahmah concluded by referring to Mo3lim’s extensive expertise in developing e-learning throughout the Arab region. He stated that the company will also endeavour to learn about the Bahraini experience in this field, in order to ensure that the application of e-learning protocols to Bahrain’s educational system is a bespoke one. This will ensure the strengthening of the whole educational system.


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