Manama, Bahrain: Sysprove Consulting, a Bahrain-based strategic IT consultancy, and an official partner of David Lynas Consulting (DLC) - which is headed by a co-author of the SABSA® Framework David Lynas, and the SABSA Institute provide opportunities for organisations in the Kingdom of Bahrain to define their Enterprise Security Architecture based on the SABSA® framework.

Enterprise Security Architecture is a vital part of the information security strategy of an organisation. Organisations will be able to effectively analyse and assess business challenges, allowing firms to address the latest cybersecurity risks and design proper architected security solutions that align with their business goals and objectives. 

A number of organisations in the Kingdom and the region have benefited from the Enterprise Security Architecture defined by Sysprove Consulting and DLC. This includes the leading telecom operator in the Kingdom of Bahrain where the complete security strategy was defined, enabling the organisation to have a holistic security approach. Among the other leading implementations of ESA include a National Critical Infrastructure Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SABSA® has evolved since 1995 to be the ‘approach of choice’ for organisations in over 50 countries and in sectors as diverse as Banking & Finance, Nuclear Power & Critical National Infrastructure, Information Services, Communications Technology, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Government.

The primary objective of SABSA is to foresee a global business world of the future, leveraging the power of digital technologies, capable of managing information risk, assurance, and security through the adoption of SABSA® as the framework and methodology of preference regardless of industry sector, nationality, size, or socio-economic status.

Ravi Jayasundera, Chief Executive Officer at Sysprove commented, “The security challenges faced by organisations are becoming more complex and require the implementation of a robust security strategy and architecture. We want organisations from diverse sectors in Bahrain to implement a holistic framework such as SABSA to manage their enterprise security strategies. Together with the SABSA Institute, Sysprove will support organisations to spread awareness of the SABSA®  framework, ESA, and facilitate SABSA® Training within the Kingdom.”

Chief Executive Officer at David Lynas Consulting commented, “Organisations today face ever-increasing complexity and ever-accelerating change in an innovation-focussed environment that renders yesterday’s policy and standards out of date.  A true Architectural framework that can be applied both at Enterprise scale and to deliver tomorrow’s solutions at any level, that can enable an organisation to adapt to ever-changing and inter-connected requirements, is critical to future success.  We are proud to be the World’s leading provider of the SABSA® method that holds the key for solving problems in complex ever-changing environments, and we are honoured that our partnership with Sysprove will provide organisations and professionals in the region with easier access a team of SABSA Certified professionals and instructors.”

About Sysprove

Based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sysprove Consulting provides a range of business and Information Technology services. Sysprove assists organisations improve efficiencies and utilise Information Technology effectively to meet business objectives.  

Sysprove has extensive experience in developing policies & procedures, business process improvements and quality manuals for large government and private sector organisations.

At Sysprove, we take a strategic, business-focused approach towards aligning processes and technology with business goals.

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About David Lynas Consulting

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