FENIX Taxi launch in Bahrain represents the first market for the company’s ride hail offering; expansion to two additional markets planned this summer

FENIX Genie – “Buy anything, deliver anywhere” electric delivery service launched in four countries in the region

The Abu Dhabi company now offers the most comprehensive selection of mobility products in the Gulf from a single “Mobility Super App”, increasing choice to consumers, so they can choose the right ride for the right time

From one app, consumers can access e-scooters, e-bikes as well as cars via shared fleet, subscription and ride hail services – connected seamlessly with public transport – and ultrafast electric delivery products, enabled by a localized FENIX Pay wallet and FENIX Rewards program

Abu Dhabi, June 6th 2022: FENIX, an Abu Dhabi company developing the leading electric mobility and deliveries platform in the Greater Middle East, has launched FENIX Taxi, its ride hailing mobility service for the region.

The service is commencing in Bahrain, one of several Gulf markets where FENIX has co-created the micromobility category in partnership with government authorities. FENIX currently operates in 5 countries in the region and is planning to add its FENIX Taxi offering across its footprint starting with two other markets over the summer.

With this launch, consumers have the convenience and flexibility to choose from a range of mobility options from the FENIX platform, using the inclusive FENIX Pay wallet while earning loyalty perks through the FENIX Rewards program. Using a single app, consumers can hail a FENIX Taxi, rent shared e-scooters and e-bikes, subscribe to personal MyRIDE e-scooters, order Market convenience groceries for delivery within minutes, and get their local Genie errands completed.

Commenting on the impact of FENIX Taxi, Jaideep Dhanoa, Co-Founder and CEO of FENIX says, “Instead of force fitting one product for everyone, providing choice empowers consumers to choose the right ride for the right time, so people can move more and do more. Often the best option is a car, and now cars are also available through the FENIX platform. But if that car ride is too expensive because of surge pricing or is taking too long because of traffic, consumers have other options to turn to. They can instead opt to scoot or bike to their destination, or connect with public transportation, or even request a FENIX Genie to complete their local errands for them instead.

Surfacing all these options through a single app allows consumers to make the best choice for themselves at that point of time, through a multimodal lens.”

IQ Sayed, Co-Founder and CTO of FENIX says: “We realized from early on that in order to achieve our mission we would need to support a broad range of mobility and delivery use cases. We have architected our platform from the ground up to accommodate multiple product lines, with substantial platform level investments in payments localization, operational efficiency and a seamless experience across multiple use-cases. These tech investments are starting to pay dividends with a mobility super app that FENIX is uniquely positioned to deliver. We are electric-first, vertically integrated, fleet-centric, and multimodal, with a focus on the Greater Middle East region.” FENIX has also launched its Genie service simultaneously in four countries - in select neighborhoods of Abu Dhabi (UAE), Doha (Qatar), Istanbul (Turkey), Manama (Bahrain) and Mersin (Turkey). With Genie, users can Buy anything or get anything Delivered nearby in minutes, giving ultimate freedom and convenience for everyday errands.

FENIX uses its light electric vehicles for short distance, small package deliveries – reducing congestion, noise pollution and emissions for what is a growing share of urban traffic. FENIX Genie is the company’s second electric delivery service launched after its quick commerce service FENIX Market, showing it is possible to deliver sustainably in the region – without subsidies and while offering a compelling experience to consumers.

When ordering from FENIX Genie, consumers use the same FENIX app with a made-for-the-region FENIX Pay wallet to earn more FENIX Rewards for future purchases. FENIX Pay provides a range of payment choices for consumers, including prepaid mobile credit via telecom operator partnerships across the region, cash vouchers and cash on delivery, local digital wallets, Apple Pay, credit cards and debit cards, thus increasing access to affordable mobility and convenience deliveries to underbanked consumers.

The ability to launch new mobility services quickly and cost efficiently demonstrates the power of FENIX’s integrated mobility platform – leveraging its operating footprint, shared consumer base, largest-in-the-region e-mobility fleet, localized payments and full time in-house tech & operations talent. The heart of the platform is FENIX’s market leading shared e-scooter and e-bike services, which have the super power of organic customer acquisition with zero marketing spend. This is due to the intrinsic nature of the products being stationed outdoors in highly populated areas where consumers organically learn about and adopt the brand – supported by fixed logistics infrastructure and regulatory access from transport authorities and real estate partners. These byproducts enable FENIX to introduce and cross-sell adjacent mobility and delivery services with high capital efficiency, growing customer lifetime value and operational leverage to drive performance on a hyperlocal P&L.

FENIX operates the largest electric vehicle fleet in the Greater Middle East with 10k vehicles. The Abu Dhabi company is driving innovations for the Middle East market, including the region’s leading shared e-scooter and e-bike service, live in 5 countries, the region’s first private e-scooter subscription service – FENIX MyRIDE, the region’s first ultrafast convenience delivery service – FENIX Market, the local errands service – FENIX Genie, and the inclusive payments wallet – FENIX Pay.

FENIX e-scooters and e-bikes cost AED 1 / QAR 1 / SAR 1 / BHD 0.1 / TRY 2 per minute to ride, and are the first in the region with No Unlock Fee. Residents and visitors can enjoy their first ride free using a new user promo code, while repeat commuters receive benefits from the “FENIX Rewards” loyalty program, offering free credits and discounts on a monthly basis, where the more one spends with FENIX the more one saves.

Consumers can locate FENIX e-scooters and e-bikes, hail FENIX Taxis or order FENIX Genie for errands by downloading the FENIX mobile application from iOS and Google Play stores, and make use of its multimodal mobility and delivery services 24 hours a day.



Jaideep Dhanoa and IQ Sayed, former executives at Grab, Lyft and Careem, created FENIX with a mission to unleash urban potential and propel communities forward. FENIX is committed to the Greater Middle East region – to transform the way our cities move and ignite impactful commerce.

With a multimillion dollar investment in talent, technology and operations excellence tailored for the Greater Middle East, the Abu Dhabi company delivers dependable, highest-quality rides with custom-made personal light electric vehicles, to make cities easier to navigate and more enjoyable to explore.

In addition to pioneering the shared e-scooter services in the Middle East, FENIX has launched the region’s first private e-scooter subscription service, MyRIDE, the region’s first ultrafast grocery delivery service, FENIX Market, the local errands service, FENIX Genie, and operates the largest fleet of light electric vehicles in the Middle East.

For more information, please visit http://fenix.life