The Ajman Center for Social Responsibility (Ajman CSR), an initiative launched by the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has organized, in cooperation with the Saudi German Hospital Ajman, the "Free Medical Examinations" initiative for the administrative and teaching staff and employees of Manar Al Iman Charity Private School of the Manar Al Iman Charity Foundation, with a view to preserving public health and supporting the activities of the educational process by contributing to a sustainable healthy environment.

This Initiative is a part of the Ajman CSR's efforts to develop relations and cooperation between health sector facilities and public entities operating in Ajman. The Initiative included more than 40 beneficiaries, and provided a set of medical examinations "diabetes, pressure, body mass" in addition to the medical advice on the results of the examinations.

Nasser Al Dhafri, CEO of the Ajman CSR, stated that the Medical Examination Initiative comes in light of the Center’s efforts to promote social responsibility practices by implementing a number of initiatives and events. The Initiative aims to provide a healthy climate that supports business continuity and achieves proactiveness in improving the level of public health by paying attention to the health of the individuals and the development of human capital as it is the main element in the progress of community.

He added, "Ajman CSR is keen to diversify the agenda of its annual initiatives and projects in cooperation with its partners from government, private, and public entities, which will positively reflect on the happiness of the community and improve the quality of life on the one hand and enhance the institutional reputation of the establishments on the other hand, in addition to encouraging all establishments to adopt societal practices, and participating in community development projects that positively affect the economic sector.

For his part, Nasser Al Junaibi, Executive Director of the Manar Al Iman Charity Foundation, stressed the efforts of the Ajman CSR in implementing initiatives and programs that clearly contributed to the development of societal practices in Ajman and strengthened the link between the private sector and public entities, praising the strategic partnership between the Center and the Foundation in implementation of a set of successful initiatives that serve the goals and aspirations of both parties.

He added, "The Initiative has a positive impact on the health of the teaching and administrative staff of the Manar Al Iman Charity Private School, and also enhances awareness of the importance of periodic medical examinations to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

It is worth noting that the Ajman CSR has recently organized, in cooperation with Thumbay Healthcare Group, organized a "health initiative to provide free medical examinations for employees of the Radisson Blu Hotel Ajman", which benefited 60 employees, and the Center is keen to intensify its initiatives during the next phase.