There have been a number of incidents involving gas cylinder explosions in the UAE over the recent years that have caused loss of lives and left many injured. Negligence, careless handling of cylinders and failure to follow necessary safety measures are mostly found to be the mains reasons that lead to such incidents.

In the latest incident on May 23, 2022, Abu Dhabi Police said a gas cylinder explosion in a restaurant in Al Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi killed two people and injured 120 others. The blast set off fires that damaged the facades of six buildings and several stores before being brought under control by the Civil Defence.

Four of the damaged buildings were “safely” evacuated, with efforts underway to find temporary housing for tenants “until the buildings are completely secured”, the police said.

Police and civil defence authorities have always reminded the public to be careful when dealing with gas connections and other power sources.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Department stressed the need to adhere to safety requirements when using gas cylinders, including ensuring the accuracy of gas system installations and having gas leak detectors. It recommended that periodic maintenance be carried out to ensure safety for all.

According to authorities, gas cylinders may become dangerous and cause fires due to negligence, and the lack of awareness of many in the use of non-conforming to the specifications and standards adopted.

How does a gas cylinder blast takes place?

Cooking gas cylinders if not handled properly, can lead to disastrous and fatal consequences. It’s almost impossible to have gas cylinder blast on its own without related factors.

According to safety experts, a gas leak from a cylinder or regulator gets mixed with air, forming a combustible mixture. To complete the fire triangle, it needs a spark or a source of ignition. This spark ignites the combustible gas cylinder-air mixture and this leads to an explosion.

How to prevent gas cylinder explosions

According to Abu Dhabi Civil Defence, it’s imperative to follow safety measures while handling cooking gas cylinders as mostly negligent and careless handling leads to cooking gas cylinder explosion.

Embracing these effective safety measures will help in avoiding such accidents.

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