Residents have been warned of heavy rainfall and strong dusty winds in parts of Abu Dhabi in the coming few days, as per the emirate's media office.

At 10.55pm on Saturday, light rains were observed over the Dhafra region. The country's met took to X to alert residents.

In a video shared by Storm Centre, light rains are seen falling in the capital.

Unstable weather conditions are expected to prevail from February 11, until Feb 13.

Residents have been urged to adhere to safety precautions to mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions and follow official forecasts issued by the NCM.

Earlier today, the Abu Dhabi Police warned motorists to drive safely during this turbulent time and not to occupy road during rains in the coming days.

They have been urged to adhere to speed limits activated by the speed reduction system on roads and to maintain a reasonable safe distance with other vehicles. They should also be wary of pressing brakes suddenly and slowing down abruptly when turning to prevent the vehicle from slipping. Drivers are advised to pull off to the side of the road in case of visionlessness while driving.

Drivers should keep their windows clean for clear vision and maintaining car headlights to improve visibility while driving and replacing old tires with new ones to prevent slipping.

Residents must stay away from canyons and water reservoirs and avoid approaching electric extension lines, open places and near trees during rainfall and adhere to safety instructions and guidelines to keep everyone safe.

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