The Suhail star is expected to be seen over the southeastern horizon in the UAE and central Arabia, starting from the dawn of August 24, according to a UAE astronomer.

The Suhail star (or the Canopus) is the most-anticipated star in the Arab world because according to the folklore it finally signals the end of summer and the gradual beginning of cooler days in the desert.

During this period, temperatures begin to fall from this date, because of the Earth's distance from the sun, after hitting highs of 50°C in some parts of the region.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan, member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, said on Twitter that the Suhail star marks a shift in weather and many people in the Arabian Gulf wait for the appearance of this giant star.

“The emergence of the Suhail star coincides with mild weather and low temperatures with high humidity southeasterly winds blowing, forming low clouds along the eastern slopes of Hajar Mountains in Oman and the UAE, which may be accompanied by drizzle,” he said.

He explained that since the ancient times, people of the Arabian Peninsula had keen interest in looking at the stars because they are related to their daily life at night and during the day.

“People learn through the starts, the start of the seasons of the year, the times of rain, and the period of hot and cold weather,” said Al Jarwan.

In the UAE, Emiratis believe that the appearance of Suhail is a harbinger of abundance and everything good.

UAE people from the past based their fishing, pearl hunting, and farming activities on the rise of the Suhail star.