UAE residents that are planning to travel domestically within India, can expect to pay a higher airfare for domestic flights.

Airfares for flying with India are up by nearly 50 per cent between a few cities, said Subair Thekepurathvalappil, senior manager for inbound and outbound operations at Regal Tours Worldwide.

Bharath Aidasani, managing partner at Pluto Travels also confirmed that residents travelling within the country by air, “will have to pay extra as the airfares have shot up".

Industry experts believe that the increase in airfares is due to a couple of reasons including: “Thousands of people from the GCC countries are travelling to India for summer vacations. In fact, many of them travel to different cities to meet relatives or for tourism. This creates a heavy demand as the number of seats is the same,” said Aidasani.

Experts also mentioned that contributing factors to the surge in airfares include the increased fuel prices and the shutting down of GoFirst airlines. “One aspect to consider is the grounding of the GoFirst flights. They had very competitive airfares within the country,” said Subair.

The surge in airfares has become a cause for concern among travellers who were eagerly anticipating their trips to various destinations across the country.

Aman Asnani, a media production executive will be travelling to his home town on June 28. He has planned a couple of trips within the country.

“I will be flying to Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, and Gurgaon for business. I anticipated the total airfare to be around Rs70,000 (Dh3,112) for the domestic travel. However, now it is costing me nearly double,” Asnani said.

UAE residents, who often visit India during the summer months, are feeling the impact of these increased airfares. Many had been eagerly planning their trips to explore India's diverse cultural heritage, and tourist attractions, and visit friends and relatives.

Sajjad Ahmed, a realtor based in JLT, who hails from Bangalore had already made plans with his friends to explore the attractions in the North Eastern states of Sikkim, Manipur, West Bengal, and others. He is now considering reconsidering his plans due to airfares skyrocketing. “I have nearly four marriages to attend in India this summer vacation along with travel to North East India, for which the tickets are paid. Travelling to Delhi and Jaipur for wedding, I will have to look out for cheaper option like train.”

Experts have urged residents planning their summer trips to India to stay updated on airline fares, explore all available options, and consult with them in finding the best deals. “Carefully planning and flexibility will be key to minimise the financial impact and ensuring an enjoyable and affordable travel experience,” said Subair.

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