Riyadh: The Fashion Commission, in cooperation with the Paris Fashion Institute, has launched two training programs in luxury fashion, Executive Business Certificate in Fashion and Fashion Design, to provide training courses for emerging Saudi designers, thus enabling local talents to work in the field of luxury fashion and preparing qualified trainers to work in management. The courses are to be held in Riyadh and Paris.

Fashion Commission CEO Burak Chakmak said: “We, the commission, value supporting and encouraging local creative people to help them establish distinguished fashion brands in Saudi Arabia. Undoubtedly, these new programs will contribute to preparing designers and honing their skills, enabling them to flourish locally and globally.”

The training programs, he added, “provide trainees with an opportunity to join a world-leading fashion institute, have an enriching experience in Paris, and meet experts in the field and learn from them.”

The Executive Business Certificate in Fashion program will be launched, on site and on line, starting with June 2023. The program focuses on equipping 30 trainees with the skills needed in the fashion business, including marketing, business strategy development, retail, and financial management. Trainees are required to attend six hours of online classes over the first two weeks, eight days of onsite training in Paris, and six more days in Riyadh during October.