Ramadan Nights 2023, organised by Expo Centre Sharjah and supported by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has been attracting a significant number of shoppers and visitors over the past few days.

The event, being held in the lead-up to Eid Al Fitr as part of the 33rd edition of the "Sharjah Ramadan Festival", features an array of exclusive offers and substantial discounts, with savings of up to 75 percent on over 10,000 products.

The exhibition's preliminary results show that it has successfully boosted the marketing movement in Sharjah. Most of the participating entities have reported rewarding returns and large sales, thanks to the event's popularity and the increased shopping movement.

The event's Heritage Village immerses visitors in a world of customs, traditions, folklore, and Emirati handicrafts. Showcasing a captivating display of folk arts, cultural and heritage programmes, and competitions, the village also offers an array of delicious drinks, Ramadan dishes, traditional Emirati foods, dates, and Arabic coffee.

In addition, attendees can explore an extensive collection of traditional clothing, incense, perfumes, heritage accessories, wicker products, ancient coins, fishing tools, and other heritage collectibles.

Running until 21st April, the "Ramadan Nights" exhibition features approximately 500 brands and over 170 exhibitors from major retailers. Spanning more than 16,000 square metres, the event showcases a diverse selection of over 10,000 products for attendees to explore.