Doha, Qatar: Bader Al Shuaib, a full-time solo traveler, stands out as one of the few Arab adventurers who have traversed over the globe, setting foot in over 150 countries and spending nights on all seven continents.

From the Geographical South Pole to the Geographical North Pole, his ultimate ambition is to visit and explore every sovereign nation on Earth. Having recently returned from the Russian capital, Moscow, Bader shares his experiences and travel journeys with The Peninsula.

"The idea was to start traveling and not quit until I achieve my goal," says Bader.

Originally from Kuwait, he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science before moving to California, USA, to complete his Master's degree in Filmmaking. "When I quit my job to pursue filmmaking, I had to make a list of goals as an independent person. Traveling was one of them", he shared, recalling his initial steps into exploration.

However, it was when his student visa expired in the USA that he officially decided to travel the world. "I returned to Kuwait and began planning to execute my plan B - travel to every country in the world," Bader explains.

Dedicated to his goal, Bader maintains a constant state of travel, pausing only for visa applications or passport renewals. While he refrains from singling out a favorite country, Latin America holds a special allure for him because of its cultural richness and natural beauty.

"For Arab readers seeking nature destinations, Croatia and Slovenia offer an affordable alternative to Western European destinations," he suggests.
Reflecting on his visit to Moscow, Bader notes that it has become increasingly appealing to Gulf tourists, especially with the introduction of e-visas.

"Visiting Moscow was a delight. I enjoyed exploring the streets, attractions, experiencing the culture, and trying out the food. The city's vibes were different from what I've experienced in other European cities," he remarks.

"There's just something very compelling about it", he adds further.
When it comes to planning, Bader's approach is flexible yet organized. He decides where to go based on regions, planning carefully to move smoothly between countries, and maintaining a minimalist travel philosophy, relying only on essentials like his laptop, smartphone, and passport.

In terms of security, the solo traveler says he relies on his positive attitude and faith in the goodwill of people rather than letting fear take over. "Worrying too much will only take away enjoyment from my travels and experience," he comments.

As Bader concludes his reflections on his travel experiences, he shares, "I've learned not to be quick to judge, to stay calm and try to understand, and to remain humble and down to earth." With these lessons in mind, he continues his solo travel journey with a sense of openness and appreciation for the diverse cultures and experiences offered worldwide.

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