AlUla Moments announced on Thursday (August 31) the return of the much-anticipated AlUla Wellness Festival 2023, taking place from October 19 to November 4.

The two-week flagship festival is dedicated to promoting mind, body, and wellness and offers a diverse array of holistic workshops and activities inspired by AlUla's rich historical and natural heritage.

Featuring an extensive calendar of curated programmes, this year's edition will showcase a multitude of activities developed in collaboration with world-class industry leaders.

The third edition of the AlUla Wellness Festival promises holistic offerings, guiding participants and attendees towards physical, mental, and emotional balance and alignment.

Boasting an extensive calendar of workshops, events, and engaging activations, this year’s festival assures an enriching experience through a journey of wellness, culture, art, and music.

Rami Al Mouallim, Vice President, Royal Commission of AlUla, said: “Reflecting on the remarkable journey since the inception of the AlUla Wellness Festival grand opening in October 2020, we take immense pride in curating events that celebrate the beauty and essence of every season in AlUla.

“Today, AlUla stands as a refined and sophisticated destination, with an unrivalled blend of heritage, culture, arts, and adventure that captivates our visitors from all corners of the world.”

Return of the ‘Five Senses Sanctuary’

This year’s edition of the AlUla Wellness Festival will also see the return of the highly anticipated 'Five Senses Sanctuary', the region’s leading retreat for wellness practices, yoga, physical and, as the centre piece experience.

The third iteration of the sanctuary is curated to engage and stimulate all five senses, immersing attendees in a holistic journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. Building on the success of previous editions, this year's sanctuary will feature an expanded array of opportunities to an impressive list of yogi celebrities, motivational speakers, engaging workshops, musical performances.

Inspired by the culturally rich history of AlUla, the sanctuary will cater to corporate groups, friends, and families seeking both fun and healthy bonding experiences.

The Wellness Festival boasts a lineup of world-class industry experts, including fitness trainers and yoga teachers.

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