UAE has seen a steering rise in demand for midwives and home nurses specially trained in new-born development and help mothers pick up new skills.

“When a mother returns home with her new-born child, she seeks warmth, support and care from her family. Mothers to new-borns who are left on their own could be stressed given there are a lot of uncertainties about the right things to do for the new-born. As a result, we have seen that many mothers of a new-born child are now opting for professional home nursing services to receive the essential care required during this period,” said Alka Uttamchandani, General Manager for Emirates Home Nursing.

“As a mother of twins, I was blessed to have my maternal family in UAE to support me throughout this stressful phase of coping with being a new mother, but several new mothers are sadly on their own and home nursing is indeed a blessing in disguise, particularly for new mothers or mothers of twins/triplets.”

Home nursing

Home nursing for post-pregnancy and new-born care include baby care, baby massage, breastfeeding tips and classes on how to navigate those critical first weeks of life with a new baby.

Some of the key services include:

Diet Management: A good diet is crucial to the growth and development of a child. Nurses and expert professionals assist in consistent management of the diet and food intake of the mother and new-born.

Physical and Emotional Care: It is natural for mothers to need extra love and support during the first few months of delivery. Home nursing staff is trained to support mother and the new-born through postnatal pain, sleeplessness, and constant medical check-ups and routine tests.

Hygiene Care: Hygiene is important for good growth of the baby. The team maintains a regular watch on the hygiene, assists in bath, massage, sterilisation of feeding bottles and more.

Breast Feeding Support: Breast feeding has fantastic bonding experience for mother and the baby. Done properly, mothers will enjoy the warmth and tenderness of these peaceful moments. Home nursing staff not only preps mother with breastfeeding, but also aids in monitoring the breastfeeding cycle.

Miscellaneous Support: Every mother has their own unique set of needs and demands and hence the home nursing staff is equipped to assist with 24/7 new-born care, so the mother could get enough rest and eventually get back to the daily chores easily.--

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