Fitness transformation specialists have gained immense popularity in recent years with many aspiring health freaks looking for tips and tricks to help them in their journey. These transformation specialists help people achieve their fitness goals and transform their bodies through personalized workout plans, nutrition plans, and one-to-one personal training.

One such transformation specialist is Sarah Lindsay, a former speed skater and a three-time Olympian, as well as a renowned BBC pundit who runs a premier boutique training facility Roar in the UK. Her fitness endeavours have led her to open the group's first unit in the Middle East, in Downtown Dubai's Burj Vista.

Sarah believes Dubai is an epicentre for fitness and wellness, and had envisioned expanding her facilities to the Middle East since 2016. Celebrities such as Dame Kelly Holmes, Pixie Lott, Millie Mackintosh, Vogue Williams, and Piers Morgan have benefitted from Sarah's powerful personal training strategy, which uses progressive weight training principles to help clients get stronger and achieve incredible health and fitness results.

We got in touch with Sarah to discuss her experience as a successful transformation specialist and how one can incorporate fitness and nutrition changes into one’s lifestyle for better results.

I think it was a bit of a mixed bag. During the first lockdowns, people were more conscious of getting outside and exercising (more during the good weather), as it was the only time people were allowed to leave their house. For some people this remains a habit which is brilliant. I can only speak from my experience with the people around me but after so long of going through lockdowns, by the end people were bored of doing steps, which can help maintain body weight but won't really help to get you fit or strong, so a lot of people gave up and ended up gaining weight.

My advice would be to decide on a goal and then make a plan. I understand how hard it is to make long term changes, but you just need to stay disciplined enough until it becomes a habit. You can't expect to be motivated every day but if exercise becomes part of you every day routine then you can be consistent and working out can be sustainable.

Oh gosh, I think I'm firm but fair! I don't believe you have to berate people to make them work hard, I like to commend the session but with positive encouragement. I will always tell the truth when it comes to what I expect and communicate what is possible and what it takes to achieve the goal, but then at least nothing is a shock.

There are so many! Every journey is different and important in its own way and it's really quite special when clients open up and trust you with their reasons for starting a journey like this. It's never just about weight loss. People might start with that as a goal but what they get from weight training is physical and mental strength and of course with that comes a huge amount of confidence. When a person is more confident, every single decision they make is different. The way they carry themselves, the clothes they wear, the eye contact they make and the energy they bring to the room will mean that people start to respond differently to them. It's quite amazing to watch.

When people sign up to Roar the first thing they do is their assessments. They do a movement screening to check for stiffness, tightness, weakness, potential for injuries and then from this, we can decide what exercises are appropriate for them and then we start to design their personalised training plan. Then they have a nutrition assessment. Really, we are trying to find out as much information as possible to make the plan as bespoke as possible. We take the client's weight, body fat and measurements to get a starting point and then the client has a check in with the nutrition coach every 3 weeks to see how their body is responding to the plan so far and to decide if we need to make any tweaks or progressions.

I know this is a little argumentative but pretty much everyone has time to live a healthy lifestyle. Unhealthy choices can be just as time consuming so you don't have to turn your life upside down but instead try some healthy swaps or hacks that can have a huge impact if done consistently.

- we need daylight and fresh air. A few minutes in the morning in the garden, taking deep breaths, try to bare as much skin as possible and if you can find some grass and stand bare foot even better. I know I sound crazy but try it!

- exercise doesn't have to be a big gym session. Go for a walk, stretch, mobilise, do sport, dance, do ANYTHING that you enjoy. Little and often is far better than one big hit class per week.

- hydration is so important for overall health and performance, it will even improve digestion. Try drinking a glass of water on waking while you wait for the kettle to boil.

Eat fats - don't be scared to eat fats. Fats do contain more calories than protein and carbs but the low fat alternatives often contain added nasties in replacement of the essential nutrient that has been removed. We need essential fats so enjoy the butter and ditch the skimmed milk.

Listen and respond to your gut - If something you eat gives you a stomach ache every time you eat it, please stop. So many people say things like "milk makes me bloat and cramp but it's not too bad if I just have a small amount.’ STOP. Your gut health is so important and can also have a huge impact on your mental health so if you show signs of being intolerant to something then just cut it out for a while.

Cut down on 'certain types of beverages' - Sorry, a very unpopular one but so many of us are walking around with a permanent low-level hangover. It can effect your immune system for weeks! It is one of the unhealthiest things you can consume so choose special occasions and celebrations only.

Lift weights - As mentioned earlier, increasing strength is so beneficial for longevity and the only way to continue to make progress is to progressively overload the muscle which requires weights. I know it can be difficult and daunting to get started but once you get into the swing of it you will never look back.

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