DUBAI – Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad bin Nasser Al Owais, the Minister of Health and Prevention, emphasised the crucial role and unwavering dedication of doctors in his statement on Emirati Doctor's Day, which is celebrated on March 11th each year.

Al Owais expressed his pride in the accomplishments and perseverance of Emirati doctors, recognising the collaborative efforts of doctors working alongside their colleagues. He also acknowledged the wise leadership's unwavering confidence in the abilities of doctors, recognising them as the cornerstone of building a prosperous and sustainable future for the nation. He stated that doctors are instrumental in leading the nation towards excellence by enabling the community to enjoy good health and boundless positivity.

The Minister went on to say that the challenges faced have revealed the immense success of Emirati doctors in solidifying their pivotal role in the health system. This remarkable achievement has been made possible due to the UAE government's resolute support in investing in building national capabilities and enhancing their skills.

According to Al Owais, Emirati doctors have emerged as the driving force behind the UAE's sustainable growth and development. He expressed deep appreciation for the support and tireless efforts of the wise leadership in providing necessary resources and infrastructure to empower doctors and equip them with the latest medical skills and digital health technologies.

Al Owais concluded by extending his deepest gratitude and appreciation to all doctors who have worked with complete selflessness and dedication to provide high-quality healthcare. He emphasized that doctors are the cornerstone of enhancing the country's competitive position in global health indicators, aligning with the aspirations of the next fifty years. The Minister also commended the government's dedication to updating health policies and programmes, exemplifying a national strategic framework for fostering a robust and eco-friendly healthcare system as part of the National Climate Change Plan.